The whole journey of falling in love and taking your relationship to the next level is a magical adventure that two people experience. It is a roll-a-coaster ride that is filled with love and sealed with an engagement ring.

The tradition of an engagement ring started with the Romans and continues to persist in modern times as well. Engagement rings have become the standardized way of confessing your love for one another.

Diamonds are a popular choice among couples as the center stone of engagement rings. However, if you are a non-traditional bride who is fond of the contemporary, then you can opt for gemstones to be the center stone of your ring as well.

Adding a gemstone to your ring can give it an attractive and charming feel- not to mention the various positive effects of wearing one. Jewelers in Hawaii exhibit a diverse assortment of gemstone engagement rings. From sapphires to garnets, you can find almost every gemstone with them.

Finding a gemstone that narrates your relationship story and aligns with your aura can be tiresome. So here are some gemstones that are in vogue and are among the most popular stones among modern couples.

The gemstone Aquamarine, also known as blue beryl, has an intense, vivid blue hue that represents the color of a tropical ocean. The color of the stone symbolizes courage and communication. Wearing it will remind you to express your love for each other through words or deeds.

Garnet represents fearlessness. A deep wine-red gemstone that symbolizes the unity of passion and stability. They are said to benefit the wearer by protecting them from evil spirits, mental insanity, and disasters while increasing self-confidence and ambition. Many Maui jewelry stores offer a range of garnet engagement rings for you to choose from.

Citrine is a yellow-colored gemstone that is vividly known for its capability to attract happiness. It represents happiness and prosperity which benefits the wearer personally as well as professionally.

Moonstones display varicolored blue rainbow flashes across the surface. They symbolize beauty and are known for embodying mystical properties, conveying serenity, peace, and balance in the life of their wearer.

Morganite belongs to a variety of beryl families. Their soft pinkish hue resonates with purity, sweetness, romance, and love. This precious stone is connected to the heart and attuned to the heart chakra. The gem is believed to convey compassion to the person who wears it.

Tanzanites are rare stones that are only found in a select few mines in Tanzania, Africa. Also known as the “Stone of Magic,” this stone exhibits a purplish hue that conveys an eternal promise between two lovers and ensures that their life together is no less than a fairytale. Tanzanite is a popular gemstone among engagement rings in Maui. If you wish to have this stone for your engagement ring, you can connect with one of the jewelers on the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

Also, known as “The Jewel of Kings”, emerald represents not only royalty but also eloquence and foresightedness. They belong to the green variety of the beryl family and are symbolic of a happy and successful marriage.

Peridot has a distinctive glow to it. It is a gemstone renowned for its alluring lime-green hue, which it derives from the olivine minerals. Its beautiful, striking green color makes it highly desirable and it can vary from yellow-green to olive to brown-green. It symbolizes good fortune and prosperity.

These are some gemstones that can help you profess your love while being symbolic of your relationship. You can mix and match sparkles according to your preferences to create the best possible version of your engagement ring.

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