In recent years, Airbnb has become a popular choice for travelers looking for unique and personalized accommodations. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a new level of awareness and concern regarding cleanliness and safety. As a host on Airbnb, it’s crucial to implement rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols to ensure the well-being of your guests. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the best practices for Airbnb cleaning and disinfection, along with essential tips to enhance your property’s safety and hygiene standards.


As a host, your guests’ safety and comfort are paramount. Maintaining a clean and sanitized space not only ensures guest satisfaction but also contributes to your property’s reputation and ratings. Airbnb has recognized the importance of these measures and has provided guidelines and recommendations for hosts to follow. To help you navigate these protocols effectively, we’ll delve into the following topics:

  1. Understanding Airbnb’s Cleaning Guidelines
  2. Cleaning Supplies and Equipment
  3. Cleaning and Disinfection Process
  4. Targeted Cleaning Tips
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Understanding Airbnb’s Cleaning Guidelines

Airbnb has introduced enhanced cleaning protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These guidelines outline the expectations and requirements for hosts to maintain a safe environment for guests. Key points to consider include:

Minimum 24-Hour Gap

Airbnb recommends leaving a minimum of 24 hours between guest stays whenever possible. This allows for proper cleaning and ventilation of the property.

Use of Approved Disinfectants

Hosts should use disinfectants that are approved by regulatory agencies. Commonly used disinfectants include those with at least 70% alcohol or EPA-registered household disinfectants.

High-Touch Surface Cleaning

Pay special attention to high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, and countertops. These areas should be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

Linen and Laundry Care

All linens, including bedding and towels, should be washed at the highest heat setting recommended by the manufacturer. Consider using a professional laundry service for larger properties.


Hosts are encouraged to allow for adequate ventilation by opening windows and doors during the cleaning process.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

When cleaning and disinfecting, hosts should wear personal protective equipment, including masks and gloves, to minimize the risk of contamination.

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

To effectively implement Airbnb’s cleaning guidelines, it’s essential to have the right cleaning supplies and equipment on hand. Here’s a list of items you should consider:


Invest in EPA-approved disinfectants with proven effectiveness against a wide range of pathogens, including viruses and bacteria. Ensure you have an adequate supply to last between guest stays.

Cleaning Tools

  • Microfiber cloths: These are excellent for cleaning surfaces and trapping dust and particles.
  • Disposable wipes: Convenient for quick cleanups of high-touch surfaces.
  • Mop and bucket: Use a mop with a removable and washable head.
  • Vacuum cleaner: A vacuum with a HEPA filter helps remove allergens and particles effectively.
  • Broom and dustpan: Ideal for sweeping floors before mopping.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Masks: N95 or surgical masks are recommended.
  • Gloves: Latex or nitrile gloves provide protection against chemical exposure.
  • Eye protection: Safety goggles or face shields offer additional protection.

Trash Bags

Use high-quality trash bags that won’t tear easily when disposing of waste.

Laundry Supplies

If you provide linens, you’ll need:

  • Detergent: Use a high-quality detergent suitable for the type of linen you have.
  • Fabric softener: Optional for added guest comfort.
  • Laundry baskets: To transport linens to and from the laundry area.

Cleaning and Disinfection Process

Now that you have the necessary supplies, let’s dive into the cleaning and disinfection process, broken down into easy-to-follow steps:

Step 1: Ventilation

Before you begin cleaning, open all windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate through the property. This helps disperse any potentially contaminated air.

Step 2: Remove Used Linens

Start by stripping the beds of all used linens, including sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. Place these items in a designated laundry bag or basket.

Step 3: High-Touch Surfaces

Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces using the approved disinfectants. Pay special attention to:

  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Light switches
  • Remote controls
  • Thermostats
  • Keyboards and touchscreens

Ensure that disinfectant is left on these surfaces for the recommended contact time, usually a few minutes, before wiping them clean.

Step 4: Furniture and Fixtures

Dust and clean all furniture, fixtures, and decorative items in the property. Use microfiber cloths to trap dust and particles effectively.

Step 5: Floors

Sweep or vacuum all floors to remove loose dirt and debris. Mop floors with a suitable disinfectant solution, paying extra attention to high-traffic areas.

Step 6: Kitchen and Bathrooms

In the kitchen and bathrooms, focus on:

  • Countertops
  • Sinks and faucets
  • Appliances (inside and out)
  • Toilets and toilet handles
  • Shower and bathtub surfaces

Clean and disinfect these areas thoroughly. Ensure that kitchen utensils and cookware are also properly cleaned.

Step 7: Bedding and Towels

Wash all used bedding and towels at the highest temperature recommended by the manufacturer. Use an appropriate amount of detergent and fabric softener if desired.

Step 8: Replenish Supplies

Restock essential amenities such as toilet paper, hand soap, and cleaning supplies for the next guest’s arrival.

Step 9: Dispose of Waste

Empty all trash cans and dispose of waste in sealed trash bags. Be sure to replace trash can liners.

Step 10: Final Touches

Before your next guest arrives, take a final walk-through to ensure everything is in order. Check that all lights are working, and the property is tidy and welcoming.

Targeted Cleaning Tips

While the general cleaning process outlined above covers the basics, here are some targeted cleaning tips to enhance your Airbnb’s cleanliness:

Upholstered Furniture

Vacuum upholstered furniture regularly and consider using fabric disinfectant sprays to maintain cleanliness.

Air Purifiers

Invest in air purifiers with HEPA filters to improve indoor air quality and reduce allergens.

Regular Inspections

Perform regular inspections of your property to identify and address any maintenance or cleanliness issues promptly.

Professional Cleaning Services

For larger properties or if you lack the time or expertise, consider hiring professional cleaning services to maintain high cleanliness standards consistently.

Guest Education

Provide guests with clear instructions on how to maintain cleanliness during their stay, such as using disposable wipes provided for high-touch surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Do I need to clean and disinfect between every guest?

A1: Yes, it’s essential to clean and disinfect your property thoroughly between every guest to ensure their safety and well-being.

Q2: Can I use homemade cleaning solutions?

A2: While homemade solutions can be effective, it’s best to use EPA-approved disinfectants to ensure proper sanitation.

Q3: How often should I replace air filters?

A3: Air filters should be replaced regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer, typically every 3 to 6 months.

Q4: What if a guest reports cleanliness issues during their stay?

A4: Address guest concerns promptly and consider providing compensation or a partial refund if the issue significantly affects their stay.

Q5: Is there a checklist I can follow for cleaning and disinfection?

A5: Yes, Airbnb provides a cleaning checklist that you can follow to ensure you cover all the necessary areas.


Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and following Airbnb’s cleaning and disinfection protocols is essential for the safety and satisfaction of your guests. By investing in the right supplies, following a thorough cleaning process, and implementing targeted cleaning tips, you can create a welcoming and hygienic environment that will earn you positive reviews and repeat bookings. Remember, a clean and safe Airbnb property not only benefits your guests but also contributes to your success as a host.

Incorporate these cleaning and disinfection practices into your routine, and you’ll not only meet the expectations of today’s travelers but also exceed them, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay for your guests.

By prioritizing cleanliness and adhering to best practices, you can set your Airbnb property apart and establish a reputation as a host who goes above and beyond to provide a safe and enjoyable experience