When your plans change, you don’t need to worry; Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy allows you to change your flight without hassle. You can make the adjustments online with ease, no matter how long ago you booked your flight.

Don’t worry if you need to change your flight immediately – the process is straightforward and won’t take more than a few minutes.

What Are Alaska Airlines’ Change Flight Policies?

With Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy, passengers can easily change/reschedule their airline tickets online or offline. Alaska Airlines charge a change fee depending on your ticket type. If the new flight costs more than the previous flight, passengers must also pay the difference in fare.

Term and Conditions Changed By Alaska Airlines 

Alaska Airlines, headquartered in SeaTac, Washington, is the sixth-largest airline in the country. In addition to its extensive domestic network, the airline also serves hundreds of destinations in the Contiguous United States, Belize, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico from the Pacific Northwest, West Coast, and Alaska. As a popular airline, the airline carries millions of passengers every year. It understands that plans may change, so airlines allow passengers to make specific changes to their flights instead of cancelling them.

  • Flights booked in Main Cabin or First Class no longer charge a change fee. However, if the new flight is more expensive than the previous flight, you may have to pay the difference in fare.
  • The passenger must change his itinerary before the flight departs under Alaska’s no-show policy.
  • There are no refunds or changes available for saver fares.
  • You can make changes during the check-in window. A fee of USD 25-50 USD will apply, but there will be no fare difference.
  • Alaska Airlines’ official website is the only place where you can make changes to your ticket.
  • The required changes must be made through the third-party agent if the booking was made through them.
  • In the event that you are not eligible for online changes, you can call Alaska’s reservation line.
  • In the event that no one from your reservation has checked in, you will be eligible to make a flight change.
  • The reservation can be changed if it includes no more than 7 passengers or does not belong to a larger group.
  • If your reservation includes pets, you cannot make changes.
  • Reservations that include travel within the United States, Canada, or Mexico are eligible for online changes.
  • In addition, the number of segments must not exceed 8 and the number of passengers must not exceed 6.
  • It is necessary to purchase the ticket through Alaska’s official website, Alaska reservation call center, or Alaska ticket counter.
  • The award cannot be issued by an Alaska reservation call center or Alaska ticket counter.
  • From the date of purchase, the product cannot be used beyond 13 months.

Here’s how to change your Alaska Airlines flight online:

There are no restrictions on Changing Alaska Airlines Flights, except for Saver fares, which can be changed within 24 hours of purchase. You can change your flight online or by using the Alaska Airlines app:

Alaska Airlines’ website provides the following instructions for changing your flight:

  1. Find “Manage Your Trip” on the Alaska Airlines website.
  2. Enter the passenger’s last name and the six-digit confirmation number.
  3. The screen will display any fare discrepancies or credits for the flight you want to change.
  4. Make the required payment with a credit or debit card. Click “OK” to finalize the changes and continue shopping.
  5. If you booked a flight, your new itinerary will be emailed to you after the transaction has been completed.

Alaska Airlines customer service or Skywayfre experts can assist you with the flight change procedure if required.

Alaska Flights Can Be Changed Using The Phone Number 

In America, Alaska Airlines is a significant airline that offers the ability to change reservations offline easily. To change your flight, you can call Alaska Airlines’ official number, which will connect you to the airline. If you want to change your flight, the center’s representative will assist you.

  • To use this method, you will need the following information:
  • Flight changes can be made by calling on Alaska Airlines.
  • Names and details of other passengers in your reservation.
  • Dates and details of the reservation.
  • Describe the flight you want to fly now and the changes you would like to make.

Airlines’ call centers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for flyers of most classes.

As an alternative to speaking to an airline representative, you can use a text message to request assistance under Alaska Airlines’ flight change policy. All you need to do is share your request with Alaska’s official number.

Chat option for changing Alaska flights

For your convenience, Alaska Air provides a chat option if you are unable to contact the representative. Whenever you wish to alter your current flight, Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy for reservations permits you to use this option. Depending on the type of modification, this option will primarily guide you about which method is most appropriate.

You can initiate flight changes using the chat option as follows:

  • Alaska Airlines’ official website is the first place to start.
  • Then, tap the “Help Center” section.
  • Click the “Start Reservation Chat” button now.
  • In this chat option, you will be asked what the reason is for connecting. Please explain why you would like to change your reservation.
  • Following the instructions and managing your changes is now your responsibility.

Online companion bookings allow you to change your flight

If your Alaska booking falls under the companion category, you may qualify for companion discounts. Whenever you have to modify your bookings, choose to do so through Alaska Airlines’ official website and follow their confirmation process. In order to ensure that your changes are confirmed, you will have to pay any fare differences.

To proceed with this method, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Manage Reservations” section of the official website.
  • The next step is to enter your surname and confirmation number.
  • To make changes to this trip, tap on “Make Changes to This Trip”.
  • Select an alternative flight now, and make the desired changes to your existing booking.
  • Make the modification and pay the fee.
  • Finally, all changes will be updated.

The Alaska Airlines 24-hour flight change policy

It is possible to amend your flights without a fee within 24 hours of your booking as per Alaska Airlines’ Change Flight Within 24 Hours Policy. You can do it by following the regular flight change procedures. Your ticket will allow you to schedule a new Alaska Airlines journey with your ticket if you change your flight within 24 hours of reserving it. You may modify your flight both online and offline. If you need to change your flight within 24 hours of reserving it, you must pay any additional fees. In other words, you can modify your Alaska Airlines flight in advance without incurring any additional costs, making it the ideal way to change your itinerary.

Is it possible to change my flight time on Alaska Airlines?

Furthermore, Alaska Air Flight Change Policy permits frequent flyers to change the time of their flight in addition to changing the ticket name or date.

The first step is to visit Alaska Airlines’ official website in order to learn more about the methodology. Then, you can adjust the flight time based on your preference by clicking the “Manage Booking” link. For quick assistance, you can also contact Alaska Airlines’ change flight helpline number listed on the official website.

How does Alaska Airlines handle same-day flight changes?

It is possible to Change Your Alaska Airlines Flight on the same day of travel as well. There are, however, certain charges associated with the same-day Alaska flight change. For more information, view the following link.

  • To make an Alaska Airlines same-day flight change, the passenger’s last name and booking reference number are required, as well as for verifying current tickets.
  • There is a $50 fee for flight changes made on the same day, depending on seat availability.
  • Same-day flight changes are only possible when your new flight departs the same day as your previous flight.
  • At the airport kiosk during check-in, choose the Alaska Airlines flight modification option to request a same-day flight change.
  • Make sure you contact Alaska Airlines’ reservations team or customer service representative as soon as possible to confirm the same-day flight change.

Flight Change Policy for Different Fares at Alaska

Saver Fares

  • The Saver Fares cannot be changed or refunded.
  • A change can only be made within 24 hours of booking. Depending on the fare difference, you may have to incur a fee.
  • Saver fares that fall under the ‘Peace of Mind Waiver’ may require some itinerary changes.
  • If you wish to make changes under the ‘Peace of Mind Waiver’ policy, you must first cancel the flight and rebook it.

Main and First Class Fare

  • A change fee has been eliminated on Alaska’s Main and First Class fares.
  • In the event you change your flight the day before departure, you will have to pay a change fee.
  • Even though there is no change fee, you may have to pay for the fare difference if the new flight costs more.
  • Alaska will refund you the difference between the new flight and the original flight.

Award Fares

  • It is free to make changes to reservations booked with Alaska points.
  • The cost of your new flight might require you to supplement with additional miles.

Change fee for Alaska flights

Alaska Airlines fares determine Alaska Airlines Flight Change Fees. The airline offers several fares. There is no Alaska Airlines Change Fee for First Class or Main Class passengers, so flyers of both classes have more flexibility when changing flights. 

Alaska Airlines charges fees according to certain rules. Here are some of those:

  • It usually happens when the changed flight has a higher value than the original flight. This means the passenger has to pay the fare difference.
  • It is generally not free to make changes the same day.
  • As a result, the change flight policy is tied to the no-show policy. Therefore, changes to the flight must be made before the departure date. Otherwise, the visitor will be marked as a no-show.

As a result of the above rules, Alaska charges the following fees:

Ticket or Change Type Alaska Airlines Change Flight Fee ($)
Non-refundable 125
Refundable None
24 hours 25


When skipping the fee, it is best to do it on the same day.

Changes in Alaska Airlines’ flight eligibility

It’s important to know that not everyone is eligible to make a change to their reservation online. Alaska Airlines imposes a few terms defining eligibility that help users understand if they qualify.

In addition, Alaska Airlines’ Change Reservation process is based on the following terms:

  1. Verify the reservation is made through one of the following methods:
  • Call center of the carrier.
  • Ticket counter of the carrier.
  • By visiting Alaska Airlines’ official website.
  1. The total number of passengers in your booking must not exceed 6-7.
  2. If your reservation lacks any government fares, you can modify it online.
  3. Confirm that you booked the tickets from Alaska Air, not a partner.
  4. The ticket must not be categorized as an “Award.”.
  5. It is possible for a passenger to modify their booking within thirteen months.
  6. Reservations for groups cannot be changed online.
  7. A vacation package reservation cannot be changed.

What is the best way to talk to a live agent regarding changing an Alaska flight?

There are several ways to contact Alaska’s customer service department. Passengers can start a chat with their sales staff. When you visit the site, you can find a link to the Alaska Airlines chat system under the “Help Center” tab. If you have booking or ticketing issues, you may also reach out to Alaska Airlines’ flight change customer service.

Because of a lack of connectivity, the customer support department may not be able to respond to commuter concerns on weekends when thousands of commuters typically visit the site for their regular concerns. Alaskan agents are also available at a supplementary zone in these situations.