In the heart of Sector 65, Gurgaon, Emaar SCO EBD 65 combines the best of retail and office spaces, providing an unrivaled area for the entire business community. The question arises: Can your business take off from the ideal setting Emaar provides, with all the assets expected from a world-class commercial and retail center?

Known globally for its architectural brilliance, quality, top-notch facilities, and efficient operational management, Emaar 65 stands proudly as a hub synonymous with power and prestige in the business and retail world. With world-class offices, ground-floor retail spaces, and a recreational paradise, Emaar SCO EBD 65 offers a unique blend of business and leisure.

Enviable Business Spaces

This commercial property provides enviable spaces for offices, supermarkets, and fashion and garment stores. Its strategic location offers proximity to banks, restaurants, and boutique shops, creating a true mix of business with pleasure.

Highlights and Amenities

To turn your dreams into reality, Emaar SCO EBD 65 offers:

  1. Ideal Location
    • A new and desirable location for any business purpose.
  2. Thriving Neighborhood
    • Surrounded by more than 10,000 families in the vicinity of Golf Course Extension Road.
  3. Iconic Structure
    • A place for people of all ages to meet, setting it apart as an iconic structure.
  4. Landscaped Open Areas
    • Well-planned pedestrian pathways and open car parking for convenient shopping.
  5. Financial Assistance
    • Loans available to prospective buyers.
  6. Gated Complex
    • Ensuring security and exclusivity.
  7. Government-Approved Design
    • Pre-approved standard design from the Haryana Government.
  8. Versatile Space Utilization
    • Space Utilization Index over Basement + Multiple floors & rooftop.
  9. No Additional Charges
    • No maintenance and parking charges until the formation of the Association of Owners.

In essence, Emaar SCO EBD 65 promises a unique blend of business and pleasure, with world-class amenities and a strategic location. The question remains: Is this the perfect space for your business to thrive in the dynamic landscape of Gurgaon?


  1. What types of businesses are suitable for Emaar SCO EBD 65 spaces?
    • The property caters to various businesses, including offices, supermarkets, and fashion and garment stores.
  2. Is financial assistance available for buyers interested in Emaar SCO EBD 65?
    • Yes, loans are available to prospective buyers looking to invest in these premium spaces.
  3. What makes the location of Emaar SCO EBD 65 desirable for businesses?
    • It is located in the heart of Sector 65, surrounded by a thriving neighborhood and in proximity to Golf Course Extension Road.
  4. Are there any additional charges for maintenance and parking?
    • No, there are no maintenance and parking charges until the formation of the Association of Owners.
  5. How is security ensured in Emaar SCO EBD 65?
    • The property is within a gated complex, ensuring security and exclusivity for businesses and customers alike.