Astrologers claim that when a member of your home suddenly falls seriously ill, the cost of living rises and the flow of revenue is interrupted. In addition to this, there is a problem with money in the home. Read below to know why this happens. 

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Homegrown basil drying

According to astrology, planting Basil or Tulsi is considered very auspicious. Planting basil plants in the house increases happiness and prosperity and the people of the house progress. But if this plant starts drying up, then the economic condition of the house starts deteriorating because the drying up of Tulsi is a sign that Vaastu Dosh and negative energy have entered the house.


If the Tulsi plant has dried up, immediately uproot it and burn its wood in a havan-puja, and plant a new plant.

Breaking glass repeatedly

According to Vastu Shastras, if things made of glass are repeatedly breaking in your house, then it means that there is a Vastu defect in your house. Breaking glass is not considered auspicious. If the glass breaks once like a glass or mirror, then it is a common thing, but if it happens again and again, it indicates that a big crisis is going to come to your house soon. For example, your financial condition is going to worsen or you are going to have a big fight with your family members which will last for a long time.

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Stop bringing glass things into your house for some time. Do not keep broken glass in the house. Whatever is made of glass, keep it hidden in a place where it cannot be broken.

Lost gold

If you have lost any of your gold ornaments then it is considered an inauspicious sign as losing gold is not good. It means that the economic condition of the native’s house will start deteriorating and Maa Lakshmi will not reside in his house. The native will be in a financial crunch and will not be able to meet his food expenses.

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Worship Goddess Lakshmi regularly in your home. Recite Durga Chalisa and Durga Kavach every evening. Offer roli, kumkum and banana, sweets to Hanuman ji on Saturday and Tuesday. 

Cat crying

If a cat cries around your house, be careful, ignoring the cat’s cry can cost you dearly. According to astrology, the crying of a cat is not auspicious. The crying of a cat brings poverty in the house and there is estrangement between the people in the house. The economic peace of the house is destroyed and the happiness and prosperity ends.


Before sunrise, water should be offered to the sun and Lord Hanuman should be worshiped for the peace of the house.

Avoid keeping these things at home 

Be careful if there are things written down in your house, then these things create negative energy in your house and there will be a situation of economic crisis in your house. Remove them immediately. 

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  1. Lion picture

According to astrology, a picture of a roaring lion should not be kept in your house. In Vastu Shastras, it leads to quarrels and financial discord in the house.


  1. Broken Chair

If a chair is broken in your home, throw it out of the house immediately. According to astrology, a broken chair is associated with a person’s honor, so if the chair is broken, it makes sense to throw it outside the house. Otherwise, the honor and respect of the family also start to go away.


  1. Thorny plants and their pictures

Do not plant thorny plants in your house or put any pictures of them. According to astrology, by planting thorny plants, Lakshmi Mata goes away from the house, and discord starts between the people of the house. And the economic condition of the house keeps getting weaker day by day.


  1. Fragmented idol and picture of God

If there is any such idol or picture in the worship house which is broken, then it means that it has been broken. Do not keep broken idols in your house and worship house. Keeping a broken idol or picture in worship causes inauspiciousness in the house and all the happiness of the family goes away.


  1. Stopped watch

According to Vastu Shastras, if a stopped clock is kept in your house, then it is not considered auspicious. Keeping a stopped clock in the house stops a person’s progress just as the needle of a clock stops. And there is a possibility of a financial crisis in the house.

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