An important aspect of any home’s design is lighting.

It is fortunate that there are some general design principles that prevent most mistakes when it comes to LAMP SIDE TABLES.

We often get asked: what is the ideal height for a lamp on a table? Floor lamps and end tables in the same room should have the same height. According to current design trends, floor lamps should be between 58 and 64 inches tall.

Your design needs will determine the proportion between the height of the end table and the lamp.

Following tips and ideas can help you to buy the best size and design of lamp and end table. Furthermore, keep current design standards in mind when avoiding some mistakes.

In what height should table lamps be placed?

Table lamps should be placed at the same height as floor lamps. 58 to 64 inches is the average height of a floor lamp. This means that the height of the table lamp and end table should be added together.

 Sizing an End Table Lamp: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

1.Lamps that are the wrong size

There should be a proportionality between the end table lamps and other furniture in the room.

It is important to keep the overall height of floor and table lamps in a room in line with the scale of the room, beyond the proportion of end table to lamp size.

If you are seated on the bed or couch next to the lampshade, it should be within your line of vision.

2.When sizing, consider the shade size

Another common mistake is measuring only the bulb’s height rather than taking into account the lamp shade’s height or width.

Lamp sizes are heavily influenced by their shapes. To determine a room’s overall fit, you should take into account both its width and height.

3.Make sure the lamp is the same size as the end table

While the lamp shouldn’t be too big on the end table, it should be large enough to fill it without overwhelming it. Lamps, including their shades, must not extend over the edge of the table in any way.

Make sure the room’s overall height matches the height of the floor lamps, as a too-small lamp won’t reach the appropriate height.