Do you know which degree focuses on Contemporary Literature, English Literature, English Literary History, Cultural Studies, Rhetoric, etc.? The answer is a BA in English degree. It is the degree that trains you in reading and writing English literature so that you can explore literary and non-literary texts, whether creative, theoretical or journalistic.


Why is the BA English program one of the most pursued degrees? Because English is the most spoken language in the world today. Therefore, having a BA degree in English will help you develop an excellent command of the language and also help you land some of the most esteemed positions in the world.

Bachelor of Arts in English – An Overview

Bachelor of Arts in English program is a three-year professional bachelor’s degree program emphasising a detailed understanding of English Literature, including poetry, essays and several other literary pieces.


The program trains you to understand the fundamental aspects of the subject. The course also develops an independent and creative thinking process and enhances your comprehensive written and spoken communication skills.


BA English is a starting point if you want to build a career in media, teaching, advertising, publishing and writing.

BA in English Eligibility Criteria

BA in English eligibility criteria varies from university to university. There are around 300+ Indian universities that offer this course in their institutions. So, it is hard for students to check every university eligibility requirement.

Listed below are some of the steps which most of the universities require for BA in English eligibility criteria follow:


  • Students must complete a 12th class from any recognised board.  
  • Students need a minimum 45-50% mark in their previous degree.
  • Some universities consider national and state-level entrance exams.
  • BA in English eligibility famous entrance exams are CUET, BHU UET, etc.
  • Today, most universities ask candidates to sit in the GD and PI rounds after clearing the entrance exam.

BA in English Subjects

Bachelor of Arts in English is available in three modes: Online Course, Distance Education and Full-time mode. Every study mode has a slightly different subject set. But if we see a full-time program, listed below are some common subjects most universities cover.

These subjects are also further divided into two parts: core and elective. First, have a look at the listed core BA in English subjects.

  • British Poetry and Drama: 14th to 17th Centuries
  • Indian Classical Literature
  • Women’s Writing
  •  American Literature
  • British Literature: The Early 20th Century
  •  English/MIL Communication

Elective BA English subjects

  • Readings on Indian Diversities and Literary Movements
  •  Academic Writing and Composition
  • Literary Theory
  • Text and Performance
  • Travel Writing
  • Research Methodology
  •  Autobiography

Career Options After Bachelor of Arts in English

Have a look at below listed top career options that students can take after completing BA English degree-

  • Teachers hold the responsibility of educating students in schools and colleges. Therefore, BA English Literature graduates are highly preferred for teaching roles.
  • The roles and responsibilities of content writers are to write blogs, advertisements, articles, product descriptions, video scripts and more for company websites and social media channels.
  • The main role of journalists is to pursue the latest news happening in the world and produce new write-ups for newspapers.
  • Scriptwriters are responsible for writing scripts for television shows, movies and other forms of production.
  • Proofreaders are required to read, find, and correct errors in the grammar and language of write-ups that other writers produce.
  • Editors are responsible for reviewing and revising the content material, which will be published in newspapers, magazines, and websites.


Bachelor of Arts in English course is highly rewarding and offers various job opportunities in the private and public sectors. Moreover, pursuing this degree increases the chances of higher education or a job abroad.

In short, a Bachelor of Arts in English course will prepare students to comprehend the essential components of each subject, create an autonomous thought process, and improve their communication abilities.