The frequent advances in technology and how the world moves force us to rethink business strategies and the way we relate to customers and the commercial area, always looking for ways to innovate to generate greater benefits.

However, when it comes to commercial associations with other companies or people with similar interests, the conditions have not changed radically. 

Although the means and ways of contacting and negotiating have changed, the need to form alliances with other brands or businesses is essential to grow as a brand and build commercial credibility in the market.

Alliances are tools that generate a significant and positive change in the structure of your business, and increase your status in the business sector. 

In order to explore this possibility of commercial association we present to you the three main types of associations with which you can achieve benefits.


Strategic alliances are one of the most common ways to partner in today’s marketplace. When two companies come together to offer additional benefits to the consumer, or come together to exchange knowledge or products, a strategic alliance is considered to have been created.

It is a strategy that can generate significant sales that economically benefit both parties and also strengthen the credibility of companies.

These affiliations benefit the customer who searches for and compares products or services between different companies on the same site, it is especially useful for the customer since they no longer have to leave your store to look for a service that you or any of your affiliates can offer them in a same site, grabbing their attention and building long-term loyalty.

One of the main advantages of a strategic alliance is reaching other audiences to let them know about your products or services, thus expanding your own audience and facing the competition more effectively.

Always consider which companies or brands in your local market can benefit from a strategic alliance, in the optical market it can mean expanding your stock, reaching new customer niches, or even making yourself known in a new market.


The word sponsor tends to evoke the thought of giving money in exchange for more advertising space. Sponsorships are really powerful tools to publicise a brand, managing to increase its presence in the market and forming alliances with companies that may require financial assistance.

Through sponsorships, companies financially support an association, an activity, an informative web page or any other cause that the company considers good. 

The method and purpose is that the sponsoring company sponsors the company that requires it, and in exchange requests exposure of its brand through advertising elements, such as images, articles or guest post, videos, events, mentions, etc. or any element that provides you with visibility and publicity on sites external to yours

In times when competition is so great, sponsorships are one of the best ways to make a difference at a time when conventional advertising does not have as much effect as expected, let alone make a difference.

You can achieve great benefits with a well-placed sponsorship with a small business that requires help, and in turn reach potential customers by exposing your brand in strategic places with high visibility.


This is an association that is only developed online and is especially recommended for your optical store. Its sole purpose is to get a company or brand noticed on other sites with a similar theme, by building links to the home page or some internal resource.

Remember that for your online store to have a presence in the market you want to reach, you must apply different marketing strategies and techniques, and one of the most common is to seek associations.

For this, you must carry out a search for sites similar to your theme where they have a space to publish content made by you or by the author of the site where a link is included. Later you must approach him by mail or contact form and request this resource.

Once this is achieved, care must be taken that the relationship is good and lasting, for future collaborations that may become one of the aforementioned.


Optical stores tend to resort to commercial alliances for the benefit of increasing the exposure of their brand in the market. It is common for sports eyewear brands to sponsor sports teams or offer incentives and collaborations in exchange for mentions of their brand.

On a smaller scale it is also possible to achieve effective brand partnerships and sponsorships that provide benefits for all participants. 

Consider how much you can invest in these strategies, both financially and in time, and calculate what the benefit may be that you can perceive so that you do not miss the opportunity to form a brand association in the future.