Purchasing a new apartment in Melbourne is one of the most important assets that people ever make in their life. Also, it can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Most people get excited about purchasing a new home, this decision should make after considering some factors. It would need you to check your budget, find the location, inspect the property, negotiate the property prices, and much more. 

Moreover, for finding your dream home, you can choose a reputable conveyancer which can be the perfect solution for you. The right property lawyer helps you to find the legal property, negotiate on your behalf, and complete your property process at the given time. 

In this write-up, we will explain a guide to buying a new home in Melbourne. 

So, let’s begin!!

A Guide To Purchasing A Home In Melbourne

Know Your Budget 

Before buying a home in Melbourne, you first need to evaluate your budget. Also, you can Check your current savings and income and then make the right decision for buying a home. 

Additionally, you need to find the mortgage lender to get pre-loan approval for buying a new house. The professional ones tell you which home loan is suitable for you according to your budget. Moreover, before making the right choice, make sure to know about your family’s current needs. All of this information will help you to purchase your dream house. 

Research The Local Area 

When it comes to purchasing a new apartment, you need to research the local area. Check the proper location where you want to buy your home. Also, review some details like;

  • Neighborhood Safety
  • Closest grocery shop
  • Check nearby parks, schools
  • Check pharmacy
  • Job prospects, etc. 

Take your time and research the ideal locations. Besides this, you can seek assistance from a reputable and experienced conveyancer to get knowledge of the local area. This way, you can know the actual value of the apartment that you want to buy and also get their price. 

Inspect The Property 

If you have found the property that you want to buy, you need to inspect it thoroughly. Visit the home and examine;

  • Smell for Mould
  • Check the wall ceiling 
  • Floor or wall cracks
  • Open the drawers and check if they are in good condition
  • Open the taps and check if they work properly

Moreover, if the property needs to repair something, you can tell the vendor to fix them before selling. If they do not repair them, you can go for the next one. 

Additionally, before buying the new home, ask about your doubts to the seller and clarify them.

Get Help From The Conveyancer 

To buy legal property, you can seek assistance from the conveyancers. For hiring property lawyers, make sure they have proper licenses, a good reputation in the industry, and are also familiar with the Melbourne conveyancing laws. Reputable and experienced conveyancers can help you in various ways. For instance;

  • They can prepare all the documents that are required for buying a new home. 
  • They can review your property contract thoroughly and add some specific conditions if needed. 
  • Property lawyers give you legal advice and handle all your home-buying processes in a better way. 
  • With the help of the right conveyancer, you can feel stress-free and save your time, money, etc.

Before hiring the conveyancer, you need to ask various questions from them. Some of the questions are;

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • What about your conveyancing fees?
  • Do you want extra charges for reviewing the contract?

This way, you can know about their services, get quotes, compare them, and select the best conveyancer that matches your need. 

Negotiate The Property Price As Much As You Can 

When purchasing a new home, you first evaluate your budget, find the right property, and then, tell the seller how much you will pay for it. Always remember to be realistic when offering the price to the seller. Let vendors know that you actually want to purchase a home and can complete the transaction process on time. 

If you hire conveyancers, they can tell you the value of the home that you want to purchase They also negotiate the property price on your behalf. This way, you can find the right property according to your budget. 

Review The Property Contract Thoroughly

When buying a property, you need to sign a contract of sale. But, before signing them you need to get the contract from the seller and send it to your conveyancers or property lawyers. Your conveyancers review the contracts thoroughly and if there is a need for some changes, then they will modify them. 

Moreover, the property lawyers help you to understand the legal terms of the contract before signing them. They may also add some special conditions if required. 

The contract of sale involves important information such as;

  • Contact detail of the seller
  • The actual price of the home that you want to buy
  • Detailed information about the Buyers
  • Settlement Date 
  • Payment methods 
  • The Completion Date, etc.Move Into Your New Home 

Once you have checked the contract thoroughly, then the next step is to prepare a purchase. On the completion date, you need to transfer all the money to your seller. When the vendor receives all the payments, completion takes place. On this day, your conveyancer can transfer the legal ownership of the property from the sellers to your name and give you the keys to your new home. 


Home buying is a time-consuming, complicated process. Before finding the right home, you need to keep several things in mind. These include checking the budget, knowing the value of the house, reviewing the contracts, researching the location, and many more. 

Additionally, hiring the right conveyancer would be an ideal option for you. With the help of reputable and experienced ones, you will better know how the home-buying process works and find the right property. All in all, the above guide will help you to buy a new house in Melbourne.