Apple pestered a wireless charger last year that could charge up to three devices at the same time but even though the pad was invented to reach the previous year, we have yet to get it in definite being. Well, Samsung has beaten Apple to the punch with its new wireless charger duo, a wireless charging pad that is capable of charging two devices at once.

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Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Charges All the Things

The cool thing about this device is the ways they follow a global spec, which means you don’t need to have a Samsung –specific device to use it. Like its predecessors, the Samsung wireless charger duo will charge anything that is designed to work with the Qi standard. This relates to the mobile side as well as the guard side; in fact, you can even charge a mobile on the watch side if you are actually required to. The flat portion of the charger is designed to keep a smart watch held in place but it gets the job done with a smartphone too- although a tad precariously with larger devices.

Further, if you are a fan of using a wireless charger on your bedside table, the increased size of the wireless charger duo may be a concern for you. Samsung’s normal chargers are about six inches wide and three inches lengthy, but this duo charger event up to be a markedly bigger eight and a half inches varied. And unlike its predecessors, you have no control over the angle your phone sits at when charging.

One very cool thing you are not going to find with most of the wireless chargers but the Samsung duo charger has made in the past is multiple color options. In the past, these chargers have been a matte black or a dark blue with grippe surfaces everywhere but the wireless charger duo is available in both a glossy black and a glossy white. This is not a huge deal but the choice is nice if you are looking for something that won’t stick out terribly in a well-designed room.

Should We Buy A Samsung Duo Charger?

Yes, if you have a phone and a watch with wireless charging capabilities, the Samsung wireless charger duo is a great way to save power and decrease accessory clutter wherever you need to change. Plus, it looks fine, particularly related to some of the other chargers out there with multi-device care.

But like anything else, you are going to pay quite a bit for the privilege. This charger is Rs. 5500 currently, which is more than you will pay for even a pair of wireless chargers but the convenience and simplicity of having both devices charge from a single charger is worth the extra money.

Buy a Genuine Samsung Duo Charger Online

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