If talking about wedding Photo Booth Sydney trend then it has only just begun this year. While photobooths have become a fixture in malls for decades, the trend of renting one for a wedding reception has just gained momentum in the past year.

This increased demand has resulted in a proliferation of companies offering Party Photo Booths Sydney services.

Here are 4 questions to ask the provider to ensure you get the most suitable Photo Booth Rentals Sydney possible for your event.

  1. Fees for waiting around.

These can be a money-saver or cause an increase in the total cost. If you need to divide up your photo booth rental period into many sessions, many businesses will provide you with downtime for an additional price. Some vendors will enable you to pay for 2 hours of “idle time,” typically at a discounted rate, if you rent a Photobooth Hire Sydney Nsw for 4 hours but only want it operating from 6 to 8 p.m. and again from 10 p.m. after dinner until midnight. It is possible that you would have to pay the entire hourly cost if you hired someone else.

If possible, contact the vendor in advance of the wedding to schedule an appointment for them to set up the photo booth. Some suppliers may charge for waiting time, such as if you need them to set up the photo booth many hours prior your guests arrive but then no one uses it.

Template layouts

Will the photobooth’s default template allow you to make changes to its appearance? Many companies that rent out photo booths have in-house graphic designers who may help you create a template that is unique to you and your fiancé. You could have them go as imaginative as they like, or you could have them match the colors to your wedding invites. There are some Photo Booth Hire In Sydney services that do not employ a graphics specialist, leaving you to pick from extremely generic designs.

Look at some of their former photo booth rentals to get an idea of the variety of designs they provide.

  1. Uptime SLA

No matter how meticulous your photobooth firm is, electronics are electronics and can malfunction for no apparent reason. In case of an emergency, most companies that rent out photo booths will have a backup system ready to go. They may also offer an uptime guarantee, which ensures that your photo booth will remain operational for a minimum number of hours every rental period. They may give you a portion of your package fee back if there is an issue and the photo booth does not work for a long time.

  1. Additional electronic backups

If you wanted a copy of the pictures shot in the photobooth, this is a good question to ask. The photographs from the night will be posted online by many Wedding Photo Booth Sydney companies. Find out when you as well as your guests can get their hands on the high-resolution snapshot and if you can share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.