For outdoor enthusiasts who want to start enjoying hassle-free camping and unforgettable journeys, a vehicle tent is a game-changer. Unfortunately, a good vehicle tent is challenging, with many different car tents available. However, you must make a good choice since the tent will significantly influence how you camp. 

Taking your time to research is the only way to guarantee that your purchase precisely satisfies your unique requirements and preferences. But with a busy life, finding sufficient research time is hard. Fortunately, here, we will go through factors you must consider when purchasing a  car tent and why you need it for all your outdoor excursions.  

Ready? Let’s get right into it! 

Considerations Before Choosing a Car Tent 

There are two primary options for car tents: roof-top and ground tents. Each type has unique features and advantages like ease of setup, elevation, ventilation, space efficiency, versatility, portability, and cost.  

A car tent for your road trips provides enhanced comfort, convenience, and versatility, including weather protection. However, enjoying your stay depends on getting the right car tent for your needs.   

So, here are the key factors to consider:  

Size and Capacity 

When buying a high-quality car tent, it’s essential to consider your group size and extra room for goods, pets, or additional friends. However, keep in mind that no industry standard specifies the size of a tent for each individual. 

Overall, the basic car tent measurements range from: 

  • 1-Person Tents: These tents often provide a cozy sleeping area for lone travelers who prefer a private resting place. Typically, the floor space is between 15 and 20 square feet. 
  • 2-Person Tents: Ideal for couples and individuals who desire more space. They mainly have a 20 to 30-square-foot floor space. 
  • 3-Person Tents: The floor area of these 3-person car tents is between 30 and 40 square feet and is perfect for a small family or a couple with gear.  
  • 4-Person Tents: The 40 and 60 square feet of floor of 4-person car tents is adequate for sleeping and storing some equipment. You can use it for household or small party arrangements. 
  • 6-Person Tents: Large enough for families or bigger parties. These tents frequently have floors that are 90 to 120 40 square feet. 


Interestingly, you can’t own a 3-season car tent and use it throughout the year. Seasons change, so it’s important to switch car tents accordingly to suit each camping season. 

When choosing the perfect car tent, you should consider the following: 

  • 3-Season Tents: Perfect for mild spring, summer, and fall weather. Even though they provide adequate ventilation, they can’t withstand strong storms. 
  • 3+ Season Tents: Suitable for early spring and late fall since they’re designed for light snow and exposure. 3+ Season Tents usually balance strength, warmth, and ventilation. 
  • 4-Season Tents: The four-season car tents are designed to withstand extreme weather, particularly in winter or high-elevation regions.  

Ease of Setup 

To ensure proper installation of the car tent and the accompanying accessories, you must master the manual and practice often. Admittedly, setting up a car tent for the first time can be confusing, but as soon as you get used to it, you can do a car tent setup in less than 10 minutes.  

Before you order a car tent, ensure it’s easy to install, and also focus on acquiring an automotive tent with a long-lasting material. The durability and waterproofing of a car tent frequently depend on its material and design. Look for car tents built from canvas and seam tape to assure longevity and avoid leaks. 

Special Features 

It’s possible to become overwhelmed when choosing a car tent for outdoor trips because there are many unique elements to consider. However, only pay attention to your unique requirements, such as the peak height for standing room, the length of the tent floor for taller campers, and the number of tent openings for ease of use. The goal is to ensure you solely pick amenities that suit your camping preferences 

Price Range 

Car tents can sometimes be expensive, especially when buying bigger ones. Therefore, you should try to stay within your budget as much as possible. Keep in mind that inexpensive tents can provide excellent value without sacrificing quality. 

Car Tent Maintenance and Care Tips 

Like any other property, car tents need proper care to ensure they serve the intended purpose for the longest time. In that case, to ensure your car tent stays in top condition, follow these maintenance and care tips: 

  • Clean after each use. 
  • Ensure thorough drying. 
  • Store away from direct sunlight. 
  • Use a footprint. 
  • Maintain seam sealing. 
  • Lubricate zippers. 
  • Keep stakes clean and dry. 
  • Avoid sharp objects. 
  • Store loosely, not compressed. 
  • Promptly repair any damage. 



 When buying a car tent for future outdoor trips, it’s always important to consider acquiring it from a reputable seller. That is because they offer quality assurance, authenticity, and reliable warranty.  

When choosing a car tent, consider its capacity, materials used, ease of setup, and price range. Ultimately, you want to choose from a reliable seller of car tents for an extensive collection.