Whether you are aware of the actual beauty of simplicity or passionate to experience such notion, you definitely need to try living in Kardia New Capital, where simplicity is dominant. Your chance to have that relaxing and luxurious life, that you have always pictured in your mind, has come, so, do not hesitate or even be concerned about Kardia New Capital prices, because you will find convenient and reasonable prices as well as comfortable installment plan with the lowest down payment.

Are you wondering about the location of Compound Kardia?

You can find Compound Kardia New Capital in an exceptional location in R8, which is a classy district in the New Capital, near the Embassies District, where profitable investment is guaranteed. The strategic site of Kardia Compound New Capital will allow you to be near two major axes, including southern Bin Zayed axis, and various vibrant areas.

Your apartment in Compound Kardia New Capital will be proximate to the new Opera House, in Egypt, and the complex of banks for any financial transactions. To reach the Green River or El Massa Hotel, you will only take a few minutes from Kardia New Capital. Also, Capital International Airport is only 20 minutes away, while the Governmental District and Embassies District are located 10 minutes from your apartment in Kardia Compound New Capital.

Harmonious merge of greenery with constructions

Capital Link Developments highlights the elegance and uniqueness of European style in design of Compound Kardia New Capital through the gentle merge between green spaces and buildings. To make sure you will be fascinated once your eyes fall on the design of Kardia New Capital, Hafez Consultants and Master Link for Construction have been assigned to execute the design.

Compound Kardia New Capital covers a large area of 23 acres, and you will notice that the largest percentage is dedicated to green spaces, to maintain the aesthetic view and allow 90% of apartments for sale to enjoy an enchanting view, and around 20 % is allocated to buildings, providing units, varying in spaces.

Meeting your aspirations and satisfying your needs, whether you are interested to gain profit from investment or just need an exceptional place to reside, have been the main goals for Capital Link Developments, and that’s why, in Compound Kardia New Capital, you are offered various spaces of apartments for sale to book the appropriate size for you.

In Kardia Compound New Capital, you can buy 2-bedrooms apartments with spaces, starting from 130 m2 and find 3-bedrooms apartments available in areas, starting from 147 m2. If you like to buy bigger apartments in Kardia New Capital, you will find 4-bedrooms apartments, with spaces, starting from 223 m2. As for duplexes’ lovers, you can book a duplex in Compound Kardia New Capital, with areas, ranging between 267 and 283 m2, and extremely convenient prices.

Unbeatable prices and convenient installing plan

Let’s move to how much do you need to buy an apartment in Compound Kardia New Capital and how to pay for it. Let me start by saying that Kardia New Capital prices are extremely competitive and reasonable, compared to other projects in the New Capital, Egypt. You will find that the price per meter in Kardia Compound New Capital range between 9,750 and 11,250 EGP.

To facilitate the payment process on you, so that you won’t feel financially pressured, Compound Kardia New Capital offers a comfortable installments system, which requires 5% down payment and the rest is paid over 10 years, which is the longest repayment period offered.

Also, the value of EOI for apartments for sale in Compound Kardia New Capital is 25,000 EGP, and only 10% will be paid as maintenance expenses before a year from receiving your unit, which will be delivered in 2026.

What other services are provided in Kardia New Capital?

If you are looking forward to living in an integrated community, offering all services and amenities, you need to consider booking a unit in Compound Kardia New Capital. As a resident of Kardia New Capital or investor, you will get to enjoy spending fun time in the provided swimming pools and gym, where you can do some exercises or just relax in jacuzzi or spa. If you like tennis or squash, you will find special courts for your favorite sport in Compound Kardia New Capital, in addition to tracks specified for walking and cycling.

To have some quality time with your family or friends, you can visit the commercial mall of Compound Kardia New Capital, where you can enjoy shopping and eating in famous restaurant and cafes.

Also, there are parking garages in Kardia Compound below buildings to make parking your car easy. If you are searching for a place to study or finish your work, you will find special areas for that purpose as well as areas suitable for making events.

There is a lot more to know about Compound Kardia New Capital, but you have to go through that experience yourself to realize what you have been missing in your life. Time to move now.