The definition of Northern Beaches Town Planner provided above from the dictionary needs to be more adequate to describe the profession adequately. In its broadest sense, town planning describes how humans attempt to use land in aesthetically pleasing, functional, and long-lasting ways. The focus is on the ground, with “sustainability” in human activity as the end goal. Planning, Urban Planning, city planning, spatial Planning, Environmental Planning, and land use planning are all terms that refer to town planning. Anything that affects the delivery of “development” or how land is used or protected.

Council Development Application

Getting your project approved by the local government often necessitates Prepare Development Application to Councils. To clarify, this does not make the proposed development exempt or complying, but it does mean that it is legal. Even though the application itself isn’t particularly lengthy, the list of supporting materials can get very detailed and technical—not to mention expensive—very quickly.

Collect Data for Environmental Impact Statements

The Prepare Statement of Environmental Effects Reports and any plans to lessen those effects are detailed in a document called a Statement of Environmental Effects. An analysis of the proposed project’s relationship to the applicable policy and the need for well-thought-out plans for land and development type control are also included in the report.

Compile development certificate reports (CDCs)

For simple developments, a Prepare Complying Development Certificate Reports (CDCs)can serve as both a planning and building permit. When a proposed development meets the standards for development established by State Environmental Planning Policies, it may be granted CDC status (SEPP). A certifying authority, such as Council or an Accredited Certifier, can complete an expedited review through this procedure. This certificate aims to ensure that construction projects follow all rules and regulations.

The practicality of Town Planning

Feasibility Studies in Town Planning feasibility studies are initial investigations conducted at the beginning of a project to ascertain whether the endeavour will succeed. Top Planning can carry out feasibility studies for both large and complex projects.

Maintenance of Careful Town-Planning

Site-specific searches, State and Local planning provisions, and stakeholder engagement with applicable assessment authorities will all be analysed as part of the Town Planning due diligence services. The resulting verbal and written advice will be delivered promptly and effectively.

In-Development Application Project Management

Project management of Development Applications, also known as “Project Management Application Software,” is a computer programme that aids in the initiation, Planning, execution, monitoring, and closing of projects of varying sizes and complexity. The goals of project management software include the following:

  • Planning and documenting tasks and activities
  • Creating schedules and timelines
  • Resolving project issues
  • Managing risks and threats
  • Allocating budgets and controlling costs
  • Establishing collaboration and cooperation between project participants
  • Assuring and controlling quality
  • Assembling project teams and organising human resources
  • Sharing information


To get entitlements and approvals to develop land, the planning and due diligence can also feel like a battle with the governing jurisdictions and agencies. Moreover, it’s often a trying ordeal. In the eyes of some large construction companies, land that doesn’t come with the necessary permits and licences isn’t worth buying at all. Those without a strong stomach should avoid getting involved in land development.