Solidify Your Immigration Application with DNA Tests in Kolkata

In Kolkata, DNA testing for immigration is an essential method in verifying biological relationships. As an essential component of visa and citizenship applications, these tests offer familial relationships when official documentation is insufficient. Analyzing unique genetic markers ensures accuracy and reliability in confirming relationships, meeting the stringent requirements set by immigration officers. Understanding and navigating the complexities of immigration DNA tests in Kolkata are vital for individuals seeking to verify relationships for immigration purposes.

Immigration DNA Test for Various Relationships

Only biologically related people can sponsor their family’s immigration. Sometimes, official documents aren’t enough to confirm this, leading to visa rejections. To prevent this, opting for Immigration DNA testing becomes a crucial solution. Depending upon the relationship between the beneficiary & the petitioner, one can go for immigration DNA tests in Kolkata in the following configurations:

  • Maternity
  • Paternity
  • Siblingship
  • Kinship
  • Grandparantage

Sample Collection Process for Immigration DNA Tests

The whole method of DNA testing starts with the sample collection. If both parties are citizens of India, their DNA samples are collected at their nearest collection centers. If one party lives in a foreign country, their sample is collected in their respective nation.

First, the case reference number is generated for the Indian tested party. Then, the same case reference number is shared with the abroad party. Once both samples arrive at the testing facility, the analysis is carried out for the immigration testing. If the petitioner and the beneficiary need a copy of the DNA test report, they can request it from the lab or company.

Types of Samples Collected

Various bodily samples, like hair, nails, buccal swabs, blood, etc., are to be collected for DNA testing. Buccal swabs are the best method to collect the epithelial cells. It’s rubbed against the inside of the wall of the cheeks. Buccal swabs are easy to transport, handle, and use. It has a longer shelf life and can be stored for two weeks.

Types of Documents Required for Immigration Test

  • Each tested party needs to submit an original and Xerox of the govt. approved ID proof.
  • Two colorful passport-sized photos of each tested party.

Significance of Immigration DNA Test

The importance of an Immigration DNA Test lies in its vital role:

  • Legal Documentation: Immigration DNA tests offer legal proof of relationships, enabling individuals to confirm biological relations with family members abroad. This documentation is vital for immigration procedures and visa applications.
  • Minimizing Fraud: Immigration testing helps stop fraud in immigration applications. It ensures that individuals claiming to be family members are related by blood and not using fraudulent documents to gain entry into a nation.

DDC Laboratories India – Accredited Immigration DNA Test in Kolkata

DDC Laboratories India is one of the most trusted and reputed companies for DNA testing. They provide accurate, dependable, and accredited Immigration DNA tests in Kolkata at competitive costs.

Following are the types of accredited DNA tests for immigration cases:

  • MOJ (Ministry of Justice) – Accredited DNA Test the UK Immigration
  • AABB (Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies) – Accredited DNA Test for the USA Immigration
  • NATA (National Associations of Testing Authorities) – Accredited DNA Test for Australian Immigration
  • CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) – Accredited DNA Test for Canadian Immigration

Furthermore, they have over 250 local & international collection centers for sample collection. Their skilled technical team helps the person to tell about the best method, turnaround time, & other information regarding immigration DNA tests. They offer the immigration DNA test report within 8-10 business days.