A few compulsive or mental disorders keep people away from others. Such conditions make them feel more isolated, misunderstood, and debilitated. FYI, OCD is ranked by WHO as one of the top 10 causes of disability. The condition’s chronic nature plays a vital role in the turmoil it brings to one’s life. Such episodes strike unexpectedly, and when they occur, they hit like a ton of bricks.

When people get used to this condition, and the frequency and severity of such episodes increase, people with OCD often stay put in their homes. They self-meditate and do not feel like leaving their homes. That is seemingly a plausible solution to end their pain. Thus, people with OCD always have a hard time holding down a job, attending social events, or school regularly.

However, when we can manage OCD and its symptoms, such unexpected episodes become less problematic. Managing the symptoms will call for an incredibly liberating feeling that one doesn’t have to walk on egg shells from morning to evening, just because one doesn’t want to trigger the condition.

While bringing this transformation in one’s life is difficult, it shall start with seeing an OCD therapist. Taking an OCD therapy from a professional expert at Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), the OCD episodes are managed well. The time is now to act and not simply surrender to the condition. It is time that we can learn to manage OCD despite being alone and it is probably the most important aspect of this treatment.

While it is not so easy to manage the symptoms of OCD by yourself, the therapist who is by your side will always help you achieve the objective. A therapist shall offer members self-help tools, support groups, and other services to manage unexpected episodes between sessions. While there can be different situations triggering different responses, we will talk about one here:

Health Concern Fears

Imagine it is a Friday and you are planning a happy-hour drinks with your coworkers after the shift is over. As you walk into the bar, you observe that it is jam-packed with people like you who are also enjoying their time with their colleagues to celebrate the end of the week. You will not think twice and rush inside to secure a table for you and your colleagues.

Suddenly, you are brushed aside by a man against you side, and as you were quite close to the person, you simply notice a small scab on his left arm that is oozing out a little blood. And here’s the moment you start feeling overwhelmed by a tidal wave of anxiety. Suddenly your mind starts racing through concerns like – did the blood touch me? What if he had HIV? What if I catch it too?

What you must do in such a case?

If you have to handle this situation, do not panic. As the man passed by your side, you should check if the blood touched your skin. If yes, go to the washroom and wash the blood stains. Even if people are looking at you, you should ignore them, do your cleaning and join your colleagues asap.

We believe a quick OCD therapy shall help you learn these tactics and you can ensure that things are well-managed by your side.