Is driving license translation is required in Abu Dhabi to convert a foreign driving license?

If you have a driving license from USA, UK, or from any other country and your driving license is not in Arabic, driving license translation is required in order to convert your foreign driving license in Abu Dhabi.

In the UAE, the official language is Arabic, and all official documents are typically required to be in this language. This includes driving licenses. When presenting a foreign driving license to the authorities in Abu Dhabi, it is essential to have an accurate Arabic translation to ensure its validity and compliance with local regulations. The translation process helps officials understand the information on your license, ensuring smoother interactions with law enforcement and other road users.

Driving license translation in Abu Dhabi and its importance

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a bustling metropolis known for its modern infrastructure, cultural heritage, and economic opportunities. For expatriates and tourists looking to explore this vibrant city, having a valid driving license is essential. If you plan to drive in Abu Dhabi using your existing UK or US driving license, you will need to undergo a straightforward process of translation and authentication. In this article, we will guide you through the necessary steps to convert your foreign driving license into an Arabic-translated, UAE-recognized document.

In order to get a driving license translation in Abu Dhabi, you should visit an approved legal translation center so that the translation is recognized by traffic department. The translation office will do the translation and submit the application to the traffic system. After that the holder of the foreign driving license will receive a message from traffic department that it is approved. The customer will just need to pay license issuance fees through Tamm application then he can head to traffic department and get his UAE driving license.