Therefore, upon detecting that someone may be trying to hurt you, you need to do the needful. This post talks about how you can use Islamic wazifa to make those wrongdoers suffer. They will suffer in some way and they will back off. strong wazifa to destroy the enemy They will leave you alone. Do you want to know how to do that? If yes, read this blog till the end.

  • Be sure to perform this dua before going to bed.
  • One hour before hitting the bed, start by reciting ‘Ya Wadoodo” 500 times
  • Grab a piece of paper and write your enemy’s name on it. Fold it three times and then pray to Allah Tallah to offer you protection
  • Recite Surah verse 165.
  • Follow this by reciting ‘Ya illaha Illallah” 300 times
  • Burn that piece of paper in fire
  • Do not talk to anyone and go to bed silently
  • Do this for two weeks straight.

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