Control rooms play a pivotal role in industries by monitoring and managing complex processes. Maintaining optimal air quality and preventing equipment corrosion are paramount in these environments. AQOZA, a leading provider of innovative solutions, has developed advanced technologies for “Activated Carbon Odour Control” and “Corrosion Control Units for Control Room” to effectively address these challenges.

Activated Carbon Odour Control by AQOZA

Unpleasant odours can emerge from various sources within industrial control rooms, affecting both the work environment and personnel well-being. AQOZA’s Activated Carbon Odour Control systems offer a comprehensive solution to mitigate these challenges.

AQOZA employs activated carbon’s porous properties to design custom solutions tailored to control room requirements. The system draws air through activated carbon, effectively capturing odorous compounds and leaving the air fresh. This technology enhances indoor air quality and the overall work environment for control room operators.

Corrosion Control Units for Control Rooms by AQOZA

Corrosion poses a significant threat to control room equipment. AQOZA’s Corrosion Control Units provide a proactive approach to preventing corrosion, extending equipment lifespan and ensuring operational reliability.

These units utilize advanced anti-corrosion coatings to create a protective barrier on susceptible surfaces. By applying barrier coatings, sacrificial coatings, and corrosion inhibitors, AQOZA’s solutions shield equipment from moisture and corrosive agents. This reduces maintenance costs, downtime, and the risk of equipment failure, crucial in control room settings.

Synergy Between Odour and Corrosion Control

AQOZA’s approach synergizes odour and corrosion control technologies. Activated carbon odour control systems enhance air quality and help prevent airborne contaminants that might accelerate corrosion. Corrosion control units, in turn, safeguard equipment integrity, preventing potential odorous compound release due to damage. This integrated approach underscores AQOZA’s commitment to holistic solutions for control rooms.

Corrosion Control Units: Unveiling the Technology

AQOZA’s units are engineered to shield control room equipment from corrosion’s damaging effects. Employing advanced coatings, these units create protective barriers on susceptible surfaces. Through a combination of barrier and sacrificial coatings, along with corrosion inhibitors, AQOZA ensures longevity and operational integrity of vital equipment.

Preserving Investments, Ensuring Reliability

Corrosion’s impact can lead to costly downtime and equipment replacement. AQOZA’s units mitigate this risk by proactively countering corrosion, translating to reduced maintenance costs and uninterrupted control room operations. This is particularly crucial in settings where equipment downtime can result in substantial losses.

The AQOZA Advantage: Comprehensive Solutions

AQOZA’s expertise extends beyond corrosion control. With a portfolio that includes “Activated Carbon Odour Control,” the company offers a holistic approach. These solutions synergize, as odour control minimizes airborne contaminants that can contribute to corrosion.


Optimal air quality and corrosion prevention are vital for efficient operations and personnel safety in control rooms. AQOZA’s innovative “Corrosion Control Units for Control Room” and “Activated Carbon Odour Control” technologies offer a comprehensive approach. By effectively addressing corrosion and odour challenges, AQOZA contributes to safer, healthier, and more productive industrial control room environments.


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