In addition to offering a variety of computer specializations, Computer Courses in Singapore aims to instil in you transferable knowledge and skills in verbal and interpersonal communication, critical thinking and problem-solving, negotiating, and time management. Singapore, one of the most multicultural cities on earth, offers students a dynamic and adaptable education through its computer courses. Students in Singapore can anticipate gaining useful life skills, making friends from all over the world, and being a part of a progressive culture that promotes the unrestricted exchange of fresh viewpoints and ideas. You will learn how to use a modern computer application through our curriculum. 

Singapore Computer Introduction Course

For those who have little to no computer experience, Singapore offers basic computer courses. These seminars are intended to teach anyone how to use computers and information technology, regardless of their position, education, age (senior citizens are welcome), aptitude, or comprehension. Beginner computer users might start by learning how to use a tablet, browse the internet, and perform simple word processing and Excel tasks. For those who want to advance their IT education even further, there is more advanced IT training available, such as Microsoft Office courses.

Advantages of Computer Training in Singapore

Computer expertise and knowledge are highly sought after in Singapore. You could increase your employability and set yourself up for a better future in IT by enrolling in one of our IT courses. We are committed to offering value-added training for your personal and professional growth as an Approved Training Organization with SkillsFuture Singapore certification.  If you’d like, we can help you improve your job performance and resume with our quick computer classes.


Businesses in Singapore and around the world are implementing digital transformation to streamline operations and increase sales. As a result, having some level of computer literacy is necessary to function well in a modern workplace. We have a course for everyone, regardless of your level of computer experience. Interested in understanding the basics? You can learn the fundamentals of computer use by taking our 16-hour ICDL Computer Essentials (Windows) course. You can also enrol in our Engineering Colleges in Singapore. When you enroll in our ICDL Online Essential (Web & Outlook) course, sending an email and browsing the web will be much simpler. Our training center’s ICDL courses could give students a refresher on IT security or deepen their understanding of online collaboration.