Judging from the title, you must be wondering what Tomrin even means. For your context, Tomrin is someone who is afraid of growing close to others due to their secret. Does this remind you of someone? Aren’t most of us the same as Tomrin?

Nowadays, all of our lives are filled with a unique set of challenges. Struggles that make us identify as Tomrin. Grappling with the weight of vulnerability and intimacy makes growing close to others challenging…because we are marked like Tomrin.

In light of The Lightshy Crow, let us find out who Tomrin is and why some of us would resonate with him.

The Burden of Isolation

Tomrin Watersipper of The Lightshy Crow by John Raymond has been cursed. Carrying the Leviathan’s Mark is no ordinary task. If they find out, you are at risk of dying – death by purification. So you must keep your true self hidden.

Aren’t we all hiding from our true selves? Aren’t all of us carrying some sort of secret? A burden that prevents personal growth and healing – making us miss opportunities for deep friendships and romantic relationships. Living Tomrin’s life can be a lonely journey – burdened with internal struggles and vulnerability.

Confronting our fears and finding the strength to be resilient is difficult to act upon. You can take the first step towards healing by opening up. Share your story with someone you trust, and you will find the opportunity to break free from the chains of isolation.

Did you hear about the healing power that connection carries? Opening up to others and connecting with them is a two-way street. This exchange reminds you that you are not alone in your struggles. It deepens your bonds and allows you to reciprocate with others.

Finding Acceptance

People like Tomrin, when they hide from the world, not showcasing their true abilities, suffocate within their own story. While the fear and risk of others finding your secrets can be horrifying, remember that truth is always glorified. Sharing your truth with the right people is an opportunity for acceptance and understanding.

What happened when Harry Potter embraced his prophecy? Although the initial horrors were frightening, in the end, embracing his true self defined his legacy.

Just as Tomrin must harness his curse until it becomes a blessing, we can take a leaf out of his book and try it for ourselves. Instead of spiraling down a rabbit hole of dwelling on situations beyond our control, learn to embrace them.

John Raymond’s The Lightshy Crow, the first installment of The Scarab Cycle, is a book that takes us into the world of Tomrin Watersipper. After polishing his gifts and persevering through the most formidable adversaries, Tomrin’s step-brother raises and becomes a significant obstacle in his way.

What would you do if you found yourself in Tomrin’s shoes? Would you stay hidden in the shadows or finally embrace your Leviathan’s Mark?

Find out in The Lightshy Crow.