Generic drugs are not counterfeit products; they have the same active ingredients as the original patented version of the drug. The only real difference is the cost. A generic drug can be much cheaper than the original branded medication. For this reason, they have become a popular choice for millions of individuals and this popularity continues to increase on an annual basis as more of us come online. It is through web-based retailers that the largest volume of generic drugs is sold. hcqs 200

Do not be concerned about whether or not a generic medication will have the same health benefits, it will. It is also going to have the same side effects and other properties. Of course, before placing an order for any medications you should ensure that the FDA has approved the drugs. Do not respond to unsolicited emails which offer you generic drugs, these will not be authentic. hcqs 200 tablet

Always use a reputable source. Most GPs can offer the option of prescribing generic drugs for various medical problems that you may have. With the cost of health care and insurance schemes rising it is essential to do what we can to minimize our expenditure.

You are probably wondering how it is that the generic form of drugs can be that much cheaper than the patented options. It is possible in some cases to make savings of more than eighty per cent. The main factor is because the manufacturers of a generic drug do not have the expense of the research, development, and initial lunch of a new drug. hcqs 200mg

The company that has designed the original product may have spent tens of millions of dollars before they start to see any revenue; for this reason most new drugs will not be allowed to be sold in generic form for a fixed number of years. Before any generic drug can be sold legally it must undergo the same lengthy testing and control procedures as any other medications. This can take many years to complete. hcqs 400

At the end of the day, it suits both the medical industry and the patients if generic drugs are widely available. It helps keeps costs down while staying a wide coverage in the general population. With the number of health ailments continuing to rise, it is vital that all of society has access to affordable drugs. It is possible that in the future we see less severe cases of problems such as diabetes and hypertension as more people have access to economical prescriptions.