Learning software quality assurance and becoming proficient in it can give you an edge in your career. There are many QA courses online to help you with these objectives, whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the fundamentals or a professional who wants to expand their knowledge and experience or specialize in certain quality assurance testing methods.


Online software QA courses are convenient to take, as they allow you to study anywhere, at your own pace and time. Programs can last a few hours to a few weeks, sometimes months, depending on the complexity of the subject matter. You can find courses for a wide range of levels, and here are some examples.


Software QA and software testing


This is among the most practical and comprehensive QA courses online. The extensive program teaches the fundamentals of software testing by discussing and teaching a wide range of relevant topics, such as:


  • Techniques to discover errors
  • How to write professional bug reports
  • How to use defect tracking systems
  • How to use test management software
  • How to perform smoke, integration, system, function, and regression tests and developing test automation scripts for them.
  • Web architecture
  • Writing SQL queries
  • UNIX


Essential testing skills course


A practical QA course that can help you build on essential software testing skills, in relational databases, UNIX, SQL, version control systems, and capability maturity models. It also includes mobile testing on real devices, cloud computing, and virtual machines.


Software testing methodology


Another practical software quality assurance course that teaches the basics of manual testing. You will learn the best practices for finding errors, writing bug reports, and using defect-tracking systems. This course also covers designing and writing test plans and cases, conducting various tests, and using test management software.


Software test automation


QA courses online can help you master software test automation with specific automation tools, such as Selenium WebDriver and UFT. Such courses will cover other popular automation tools, including WebLOAD, SoapUI, and REST API.