Although it is a secondary bet, throw-in betting is quite popular at various bookmakers. So, what exactly is a throw-in bet? How does it work? And how can you make accurate throw-in bets? In this article, you will find the most accurate answers.
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What is a Throw-in Bet?
A throw-in bet is a supplementary bet in football betting, similar to corner kicks, goal kicks, and final scores. Despite being a secondary bet, it attracts a significant number of players at bookmakers. This type of bet is relatively easy to play, as it only requires you to base your decision on the throw-in situations during the match, without having to worry about which team wins or loses or what the final score is.
Types of Throw-in Bets:
Handicap Throw-in Betting: Bookmakers offer handicap odds for throw-ins based on the stronger team’s advantage over the weaker team. You predict which team will be awarded more throw-in opportunities based on the bookmaker’s odds.
Over/Under Throw-in Betting: Bookmakers predict the total number of throw-ins that both teams will execute during the official playtime. If you predict that both teams will have more throw-ins than what the bookmaker proposes, you choose “Over”; otherwise, you pick “Under.”
Odd/Even Throw-in Betting: You simply predict whether the total number of throw-ins in the match will be an odd or even number.
First/Last Team to Get a Throw-in: You predict which team will be awarded the first or last throw-in during the match.
Next Throw-in Betting: This type of bet allows you to predict which team will get the next throw-in during the match.
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Tips for Successful Throw-in Betting:
Gather Important Information: To make the most accurate predictions for throw-in bets, you need to gather information such as the average number of throw-ins for each team in recent matches, the number of throw-ins in previous encounters between the teams, the playing style of the two teams, and more. This way, you can determine whether the match will have many or few throw-in situations.
Choose Suitable Matches: According to the experience of top betting experts, matches where both teams play with wide attacking styles tend to have a high occurrence of throw-ins. Conversely, matches where both teams focus on defensive play or play through the center tend to have fewer throw-ins. Therefore, you should select the most appropriate matches to participate in throw-in betting.
Favor the Team on Top: A helpful tip to increase your winning chances in throw-in betting is to always favor the team on top. The reason is that the team on top is usually stronger, has better control of the game, and launches more attacks. As a result, throw-ins are more likely to be awarded to them.
Select Matches for Consistent Wins: If you want to bet on throw-ins or bet on the over/under, it is essential to choose matches where there is a clear disparity in the teams’ playing abilities. It is best to favor the stronger team.
Choose a Reputable Betting Site: Opt for a reputable football betting site. This important tip should not be overlooked by any bettor. Selecting a reliable betting site will protect your information and ensure you do not encounter unnecessary risks. Your data will be better secured, and you won’t have to worry about losing your bonuses.
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Throw-in betting is an exciting type of bet with high payout odds. However, it can be challenging to play, so you need to thoroughly consider your decisions for the most accurate outcomes. We hope this article provides you with useful experiences and guidelines for successful football betting.