A trichologist is a hair expert who has studied in-depth hair and scalp diseases and their respective treatments. Trichologists examine the hair and scalp to diagnose and recommend treatment for your condition and its severity; hence, it’s important to adhere to the suggestions of Trichologists. 

The hair specialists in Bangalore believe that hair care concerns men and women alike. More often, what happens is that people leave their hair care as an afterthought. This, in turn, results in hair problems like frizzy hair, rough strands, excessive hair fall, and hair breakage, among others, in the long run.

As you read, you will come across the Top 10 hair care tips from Trichologists For Indian Scalps. Also, a list of the best trichologists to contact for the best results.


Tips from Trichologist for Indian Scalp:

  1. Diet: If you’re suffering from frizz, you might want to look at what’s in your fridge rather than smothering yourself in anti-frizz products. 
  2. Do not overwash your hair: You must give it enough days to settle and recover after washing it. Overwashing can weaken your hair and lead to dryness and breakage. Consider washing your hair per week only when it’s oily.
  3. Practice gentle grooming: Brushing and combing harshly disturbs the natural flow of your hair. It can lead to hair damage and split ends. When towel-drying your hair, use a soft, absorbent towel rather than rubbing it vigorously. 
  4. Vitamins: Eating enough iron is essential for hair growth, as in Vitamin C, to ensure it’s absorbed. 
  5. Protect your hair from the sun: The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your scalp and hair like your skin. If you’re going to be out in the sun for an extended period, wear a hat. And use sunscreen on your arms and legs. Remember that UV light can also reach your hair through glass and water.
  6. Prevent hair dye and other chemicals: Many dyes and chemicals can damage your hair over time, particularly if they are not adequately rinsed from the hair shaft. If possible, avoid chemical treatments like perms and relaxers. 
  7. Keep your hair clean: Drink plenty of water and wash your hair at least once a week, even if you don’t use shampoo.
  8. Avoid hair dryers and hot showers: Heat can damage your hair, causing it to become dull and limp, two things most women do not want! If you must blow dry your hair, use cool air instead of hot.

Why Should You Practice Hair Care?

Hair Specialists recognize that maintaining proper hair care is important for your appearance and to ensure overall hygiene. Moreover, healthy hair allows you to look great with minimal effort while keeping your scalp healthy. Frizzy and dry hair are signs that your body does not receive the necessary vitamins. Also, it could be a sign that you must take a careful look at your hair products. 

Most mass-produced hair products contain high content of chemicals and harmful substances. You can pay a visit to the best hair clinic in Bangalore to get your hair treated by a Trichologist and switch to healthier customized alternatives that are specific to your needs.

Healthy hair is more than what meets the eye; it’s a matter of confidence and self-care. It makes people perceive you in a positive light. The primary things you should pay close attention to when it comes to hair care are the frequency of washing it, the products you use, and eating healthily.


Trichologist hair treatment for males and females

Hair baldness, hair fall, and hair trichology treatment. The hair specialists make it their purpose to prevent hair loss and enhance the current condition of your hair and the scalp. For women and men alike, alternatives for survival and non-surgical procedures are available.

A trichologist in Bangalore will guide you in choosing the best and most effective treatment option. Patients are able to grow hair back if scarring alopecia is tackled in the initial stages. Hair loss may be permanent otherwise. Inflammatory disorders, chemicals like hair relaxers, and several fungal conditions cause scarring alopecia.