Sushi is a Japanese dish that is loved by people based in all parts of the world. If you have tasted Sushi and didn’t like it, then it means you didn’t have it at the right place or it wasn’t prepared properly. If you are looking for the best Sushi in Victoria, you should visit the restaurant Fudo. To know more about the restaurant, you can have a look at its website

A variety of ingredients are used in the preparation of Sushi. To ensure you get to taste the best Sushi in Victoria or one that is of very high quality, you must ensure that all the different ingredients are fresh and used in the right proportion.

Rice is one of the most essential ingredients used in preparing Sushi. The rice should be cooked at body temperature and sticky enough to ensure that it does not fall apart. Once you put the rice in your mouth, it should get segregated into individual grains. The outer layer of the rice, which goes into the preparation of Sushi, should be denser than its interiors.

One of the most important toppings used in Sushi is called neta. While deciding the amount of neta you will be using to prepare the best Sushi in Victoria, Wasabi is another topping that should be used thoughtfully and in the right measure while making Sushi. Of course, one cannot imagine Sushi without fish. To eliminate the smell associated with the fish, you can sprinkle vinegar over it to neutralize it. You can also use a bit of salt to bring down the moisture content in the fish.