Creating and selling beats is still a dream for a few. How to turn that into reality? A lot of money, too many collaborations, huge networking, and foremost, a bunch of expensive equipment. If you think of these as the perquisites for selling your beats, you are misled by some goofs. To be honest, you need absolutely nothing of these except,


  • Some good music, and,
  • A plan to get your music to reach the headsets of the audience


If your beats are worth selling, the ocean of buyers is enormous. They are willing to spend hundreds on a beat that is worth the value. All you need is a plan to set up your rap beats for sale business and make profits off it.



How to start selling?

The process of selling the beats is easy because  you can do it in four steps;

  • Create your beat
  • Upload it on a selling platform
  • Carry on the important promotions
  • Sell it to artists

You can sell the beats either as non-exclusive or exclusive. The difference between the two is that you can sell the non-exclusive beats to many people, whereas exclusive beats can be sold to only one person.


How much money can be earned?

The answer to this lies in the number of beats that you sell and not the price. The more beats you sell higher your earnings will be. Well, do the math!


What do you need to start selling?

If you are longing for a booming hip hop beats for sale business, then you will need, say, zero-sum of money, except;



Once you have made the beats, you must do some mixing and mastering before putting them on the channels for sale. The next part would be to convert it into different formats with a defined price list for each of them.


Licenses to sell

Licensing and pricing the beats is essential because that is how you are going to sell it. Set up your licenses accordingly. Remember that the more expensive the license is, the higher the audio files’ quality and the number of user-rights grants.


Store for selling beats

The beat-selling store is basically where you will put the hip-hop beats for sale. Here are some of the best places you can start selling your beats.


  • Your website

Having your website brings professionalism to your rap beats for sale. Not many artists sell through their websites, so it can be the right choice to begin beat selling.


  • Airbit

As they are already well-established in the market of beats for sale. Moreover, they offer commission-free sales. For someone fresh in beat-making and selling, Airbit is the best place to start your career.


  • YouTube

YouTube is a great platform to make people aware of your beats and skills. For the YouTube channel, you need to have good videos, engaging titles with tags and keywords. Thus, when people drop by your video, you can easily direct them to the store or website where the beats are for sale.


  • SoundCloud

Along with being a great platform to sell your beats, SoundCloud is an excellent way to network with the artists to direct them to your beat-selling website.


As a music artist, you must never forget how to make some fantastic beats that sell. Marketing the beats is as important as creating them because, without that, the audience won’t know your name. So if you are into the music industry, either looking for inspiration or wanting to enter into commerce, rap beats for sale is for you.


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