Know the Different Types of Samples Used for Drug Tests in India!

In modern society, excessive drug abuse poses a multifaceted threat, affecting people and societies on various levels. The harmful effects span productivity, public health, crime rates, etc. Understanding these effects is crucial. Drug tests are vital in mitigating these effects by enabling early intervention and detection. This blog explores how drug testing is critical for addressing these challenges.

Types of Drug Screening Tests

Following are the two types of drug screening tests

  • Nail Drug TestNail drug screening tests are among the most dependable ways to detect drug use over a long period. It analyzes the keratin material in the nails, which can include drug metabolites for several months. Nail drug test offers a distinctive benefit as it can provide a historical record of drug usage and identify long-term or chronic drug abuse habits.

A single clipping of the nail would be sufficient if the nail size is 5 millimetres or longer. However, if the nails are shorter, about 10 mg of nail clippings are required for testing. Nail drug screening is commonly used in forensic analyses, rehabilitation programs, etc.

  • Hair Drug TestIt is another widely used process for detecting drug use. Like nail testing, hair drug screening provides a longer detection window than other drug testing forms. As hair grows, it captures drug and their metabolite traces, making a detailed drug usage history.

Around 200 hair strands are collected for a hair drug screening test. It can be conducted in two ways: Overview and Segmented Analysis. Overview Analysis provides an overview of an individual’s drug use over time. On the other hand, Segmented Analysis provides an overview of an individual analyzing a person’s drug usage month-by-month.

  • Home Drug Test Kit: At-home drug testing kits have gained popularity recently due to their accessibility and convenience. These kits allow people to conduct drug tests in the comfort of their houses. They typically include test strips and instructions for sample collection and result interpretation. Results are available in 5 just five minutes.

These kits have 14-panel drug testing cups and use urine samples to detect the absence or presence of drugs or their metabolites. The collected samples are placed on the test strip, revealing results in a specified timeframe.

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