Lufthansa has a vast customer support system to handle customer queries 24/7. You can speak to the Lufthansa customer representative anytime, whether you change the booking, make a reservation, cancel a flight, etc.

There are various ways to contact the Lufthansa team; moreover, you can call on Lufthansa Customer Service Number to get quick assistance. In this article, you will learn about various Lufthansa customer support options in detail and go through them to stay educated. Let’s start with the phone call process.

Follow the steps below to contact a Lufthansa representative over the phone. 

  • On the homepage of Lufthansa, you can locate the customer service link
  • Open the support page, and various contact information is available here
  • Go to the phone call section, and you can opt for the desired phone number based on location wise
  • Dial the Lufthansa hotline number and select the desired language

You can follow further IVR instructions below to speak with the Lufthansa agent

  • Select 1 to book a new flight ticket
  • Select 2 for making changes
  • Select 3 for refund issues
  • Select 4 for baggage-related concerns
  • Select 5 to get more options
  • You can choose the desired option from the options above, and the system will redirect you to the new page.
  • Skip the options, and the system will ask you to connect with the live agent soon.
  • Once connected, the battle is yours, and you can win the game.

You can call on Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number and speak to the representative in real time. Alternatively, the airline provides various other ways to get through to its representative; you can look for the details in the content below.

Connect Lufthansa Airlines through chat 

You can also connect with the airline online by visiting the live chat section on the website. The Lufthansa agent, via chat, solves all your queries about booking a ticket, making changes, getting a refund, etc. To connect with the agent through chat, here are the steps you can follow:-

  • Go to the support page of Lufthansa, and the chat button will pop up at the bottom right.
  • Click on the start chat button and type your message.
  • Select the most appropriate query available on the chat screen
  • The system will provide you with self-explanatory instructions
  • If you still require a live agent, live type agent and answer a few questions
  • Soon a live agent will be assigned, with whom you can clear the issues

Connect Lufthansa Airlines via Social Media Networks

In addition to Chat support, social media is another convenient way to raise your voice and get answers to the query. The Lufthansa agents are always active on their social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, etc., to listen and provide solutions to your queries. To connect with Lufthansa on these platforms, do the following:-

  • On the homepage, scroll down and locate the social media links at the bottom.
  • You can click on any social media platforms and log in to your account.
  • Then, you can send a direct message to the airline using the message button.
  • You can also post a comment on the page to get an immediate response from the airline.

Communicate Lufthansa by Sending Email 

You can email the Lufthansa representative to share your feedback, concern, compliments, etc. Here is the step-by-step process you can follow to email:-

  • Go to the support page of Lufthansa on the website
  • You can select the query to get the associated form
  • Open the form and fill in the details required
  • You can also attach any relevant documentation to support your query
  • Once the form is complete, click on the send button to share it
  • The support team will review your form and contact you soon

Overall, you can easily connect with Lufthansa customer service using any of the contact options above. Moreover, if you still need help, log in to your account and get personalised assistance. You can also share the feedback below for us to review.