Delta airlines is one of the largest airlines known for its satisfactory customer-friendly policies and services. Although the airline never gives you a chance to complain about its service, there are times when things don’t go your way.

If it happens, there are various ways to contact the delta complaint department, and calling on Delta Airlines Complaint Number is one of the best ways. The article below will teach you all the different ways to file a complaint with Delta. Read the information till the end to stay updated.

Ways to make a complaint to Delta Airlines’ Complaint Department 

The section below shows the different ways to share complaints with Delta and the stepwise process. Please go through it and register your complaint or concern with the complaint department to get the best solution.

Complaint by Phone Call 

To share the complaint with Delta’s complaint department by Delta Airlines Phone number, follow the listed steps below:-

Steps to Register a Complaint

  • Dial the Delta complaint department number on the phone; you can get the one variable on the support page.
  • Choose a language and follow the automated voice system.
  • You can keep selecting the most suitable options from every menu to connect with the live agent.
  • Once connected, share the concern or problem you have
  • The agent will fix the issues at the same time if possible, or else raise a complaint on your behalf for further processing

Complaint via Email

If you cannot share the complaint by calling on Delta Airlines Customer Service number, you can also use email options. Follow the step below to share your complaint via email:-

Steps to register a complaint by Email

  • Go to the official Delta Airlines website and copy the email from the support page.
  • Login to your account and create a new email
  • Now explain your complaint precisely and clearly in the email
  • Once is email is complete, click on send to share it
  • The delta agents will review your complaint and try to fix it soon

Register Complaints by Grievances or Online Feedback form 

If you are looking forward to sharing your complaint via feedback or online grievances form, here are the instructions you need to follow:-

Steps to Share Complaint 

  • Go to Delta Airlines official web portal online
  • Login to your account and access the customer support page
  • Go to the need help option, and on the new page, choose the topic ‘complaint.’
  • An associated contact /feedback form will be opened up; fill in the details related to your complaint in the form.
  • Please submit the form once it is done, and the delta agent will get back to you soon.

Complaint via Social Media Platform 

If you want to file a complaint via Delta Airlines’ social media networks, follow the steps below:-

Steps to Share Complaints on Social Media Platforms

  • You can use the social media links available on the website and follow the airline.
  • Now login to your account, and you can share your complaint using the ‘message’ button.
  • The delta representative is 24/7 on social media channels to deal with your queries.
  • If your complaint is minor, the agent will try to resolve it immediately.
  • If the complaint is complex, they will escalate it to high authorities and might take extra time to fix it.
  • Your complaint will be taken care of properly, and they will keep you updated via phone or email.

In conclusion, you can use any of the options above to file a complaint with Delta and get it resolved. Moreover, do you still have any confusion about how to file a Complaint at Delta Airlines? You can also log in to your account and access personalised help from the airline. You can also visit the complaint section on the support page to get a self-explanatory solution for various complaints listed on the page.