You can create a rule to trigger an AWS Lambda at a certain time using AWS CloudWatch Events, or AWS EventBridge. This is a step by step guide to achieving this: AWS Course in Pune

  1. Create a Lambda Function If you haven’t done so already, create the Lambda Function that you wish to schedule. This function must contain the code that you wish to run at the specified time.
  2. Create Execution role: Make sure that the Lambda function you are using has an execution permissions sufficient to perform its intended operation. You can attach an IAM role to the Lambda Function.
  3. Test Lambda Function Before scheduling the Lambda Function, it is a good idea for you to manually test it to make sure it works as expected. This can be done through the AWS Management console or the AWS Command Line Interface.
  4. Create an Events Rule for CloudWatch: Let’s now create a CloudWatch Events rules to schedule the Lambda Function.

    a. Navigate to the CloudWatch Service in the AWS Management console. b. Click on “Rules”, under “Events” in the navigation pane. c. Click “Create rule.”

  5. Define event source: Select “Schedule”, in the “Event Source”. AWS Classes in Pune 
  6. Configure Schedule: You can specify the schedule by using a cron-expression or a fixed rate.
    • You can set a time using the following cron expression:
    • You can select the interval and frequency for a fixed price, such as every 5 minutes, or every hour.
  7. Add target: Click on “Add target” in the “Targets section” and select your Lambda Function from the list.
  8. Configure Target You can specify input or leave defaults.
  9. Create a Rule After configuring the rule click “Configure Details.”
  10. Give the Rule a Name and Description: Give the rule a name, if you have one. Also make sure that the rule has been enabled. AWS Training in Pune 
  11. Create a Rule: Click “Create rule”, to create a scheduled event, and link it with your Lambda function.

Your Lambda function is now triggered according to the schedule that you have set up in the CloudWatch Events Rule. Remember that the Lambda will run in the area you specified in the rule.

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