Surrogacy is often opted by individuals and couples when they are unable to achieve conception the natural way. Moreover, as we talk about surrogacy, the surrogacy cost comes as the major deciding factor for everyone involved in the journey. Moreover, the surrogate mother cost can said to be a key component of this cost structure. 

In the following parts of this blog, we will take a look at the reasons that make surrogate mother cost a key component of the surrogacy cost structure.

Pre-natal Medical costs 

Pre-natal medical costs are quite a crucial part of the surrogacy cost structure. Moreover, the surrogate mother needs to get certain tests done in order to prove her fitness for the surrogacy process. Besides, this may include random blood tests, medical evaluations, and even psychological assessments. All of these crucial pre-natal medical procedures would come along with a good cost. Hence, they will include in the final surrogacy cost in china or any other part of the world. 

surrogate mother kenya
surrogate mother kenya

Cost during pregnancy 

The pregnancy process involves a list of procedures like doctor visits, tests, and random assessments. Besides, there are cases where the surrogate mother may need additional medicines and medical care support. That said, all these medical care facilities would add up further to the surrogacy cost in Cambodia or any other country. 

Legal cost

The intended parents and even the surrogate mother would need a legal expert to take care of their rights and interests during the surrogacy process. Moreover, the same legal professional will draft a contract to facilitate their surrogacy journey respectively. That said, these legal professionals come at a cost and this will also become a part of the surrogacy cost structure.


In most cases, there will be insurance to cover possible medical issues during the pregnancy. Moreover, this insurance is necessary to protect both the surrogate mother and the intended parents from big, unexpected costs. Still, this insurance itself is another cost that has to be considered while estimating the cost of surrogacy or any other nation.

Compensation for the Surrogate Mother

In some places, the law allows the surrogate mother to be paid for her time and effort. Moreover, this payment is often a significant part of the total surrogacy cost. After all, being pregnant for nine months is a big job that changes a woman’s life in many ways. Hence, it’s only fair that she gets compensated for it as surrogate mother cost Kenya. Moreover, this is different from “selling a baby,” which is illegal and can said to be more like a job fee for the hard work of being pregnant.

surrogate mother cost kenya
surrogate mother cost kenya

Travel and Accommodation

Sometimes the surrogate mother may have to travel for medical tests or the birth if she doesn’t live near a suitable hospital. That said, these travel costs, along with any stays in hotels or other places, also become part of the surrogacy cost. So, she has to be compensated for her expenses while calculating the cost of surrogacy.

Maternity Clothing and Daily Living

Don’t forget that a pregnant woman needs a new wardrobe of maternity clothes given the changes in her physical traits. Moreover, she may also have special needs like a more comfortable chair, better shoes, or even specific foods. That said, these daily living costs are sometimes included in the surrogate mother cost kenya” because they are directly related to the pregnancy.

Emotional Support

Being a surrogate is emotionally demanding. Moreover, these surrogates need counseling or emotional support during and after the pregnancy. Whereas it may not be a critical sum, the taken a toll of mental support is frequently considered a part of the surrogacy cost.

Post birth cost 

Once the child is born, there are certain costs related. That said, the clinic may charge for services they have provided in the same period. Also, some of the time the surrogate mother might require post-birth care, like medications or mental support care, which once more includes the cost of surrogacy.

It all adds Up

As we can see, when individuals say “surrogate mother cost,” they’re talking about numerous aspects, not just cash given to the surrogate. Moreover, it incorporates medical bills, legal expenses, insurance coverage, and so on. Moreover, all these costs are basic since they make sure the surrogate mother and the child are safe and healthy. Besides, the intended parents should focus on the end result and not just the cost paid to the surrogate mother. Given the role played by her during the surrogacy journey, she certainly deserves this much compensation. 

Final words

Surrogacy may be an amazing way to help individuals have a family, but it does come with a cost. Moreover, the surrogate mother’s cost could be a huge portion of the entire sum. Still, it’s required given the key role played by her in the practice.

It covers everything from medical tests to legalities, from travel to clothing, and from insurance to emotional support. Besides, these costs guarantee that the surrogacy journey is as smooth and secure as conceivable, both for the surrogate mother and for the intended parents. So, when we think about the cost of surrogacy, it’s critical to comprehend that it’s more about the care for the surrogate rather than the money spent on the process.