The right band is an essential part of any watch, and changing it out makes it easy to try a new look. The large selection of belt combinations greatly increases the number of possible combinations. To the observer, the straps often protrude more than the watch dials, so using different types of straps can make a small watch collection appear quite bulky.

By their very nature, watch straps are often much cheaper than new ones, so developing your own straps is often more cost-effective than buying another. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a wide variety of watches, but you should pay attention to the watches you have on your wrist.

Half the fun of owning a watch is being able to swap out the straps to give any watch a whole new look. The Apple Watch is no exception. There are many official Apple teams and hundreds more when you enter third-party territory. In this post, Leather Watch Straps Australia rounds up some of the best Apple Watch band you can buy. There’s something here for every style and every budget, so if you’re ready for a new look, you’ve come to the right place.

Apple Sport Band

The Sport Band is the original band first introduced by Apple in 2015. The comfort and versatility of wearing it in various settings make it a favourite among Apple Watch owners. It looks like a silicone band, but it’s made of high-performance fluoroelastomer. Supplied with pins and clips for safe and easy adjustment. Apple Watch Sport Bands come in various colors, with new colors being released twice a year. Perfect for training and everyday use.

Sports loop

The Sport Loop is a popular alternative for those looking to switch from wearing a jockstrap. The bracelet is made of woven nylon and is soft, breathable, and comfortable on your wrist. A Velcro adjustment system that Apple calls hooks adds to this level of comfort. This makes the Sport Loop infinitely adjustable.
Braided single bow

The Braided Solo Loop is similar in design to the Solo Loop. It has a single ring, lock-free design, and is available in 9 different sizes. The Braided Solo Loop is made with 16,000 thread count polyester interwoven with silicone micro yarn for a unique fabric that is sweat and water-resistant. They work well in most environments, but this versatility comes at a price.


If you prefer a more traditional watch strap, Apple has several Brown Leather Apple Watch Band available. The leather link strap features handcrafted French leather with a built-in magnet for a secure fit on your wrist. The leather loop is similar in style but wraps around the inside of the bracelet like a sports bracelet and is only available on 42mm or 44mm watches.

A similarly designed Apple leather clip is also a good choice. It uses a loop system to secure the bracelet to your wrist and has a traditional buckle closure as part of the design. The leather band is perfect for work and formal occasions where you want to wear your Apple Watch Band.