There are different sizes of LCD screens on the market today. When choosing a screen size, do you know how to calculate it and which size best suits your needs?

The “inches” used are “inches” (inches), not the usual inches; 1 inch = 2.54 cm. Therefore, LCD screen sizes are generally measured in diagonal length. For example, on a 17-inch screen, the diagonal is 17 inches, which is approximately 43.2 cm. On the other hand, dividing the screen’s measured diagonal distance by 2.54 gives you the usual number of inches.

The larger the LCD screen, the wider the field of view within the range that the human eye can handle. The 22″ x 24″ widescreen product is theoretically the better size at this point (if you have a wide desk). However, in living rooms and bedrooms, the size of LCD projectors is unlimited in these places, since the computer has built-in functions such as playing TV and DVDs. Units such as LCD TVs are moving towards larger sizes. In the end, it is due mainly to different uses. 7 inch screen revolves around finding the correct balance point for the application.

Frame size

If you are concerned about the frame of your lcd display, you may want to check the screen frame before you buy. It may not seem like it, but aesthetics aside, screen bezels can take us out of the busy state and focus you get when you’re focused in front of a computer.

Generally, the screen edges are only 1-2 cm wide, which can be very annoying for many users. Framing should be considered when placing two screens side by side. This is because framing breaks the continuity of the image.

Straight or curved screen

If you didn’t know, some monitors have a slightly curved screen. These monitors are specially designed for gamers and provide a completely different gaming experience. In addition to being more immersive, curved screens also display more consistent colors and help reduce visual fatigue. However, curved screens are much more expensive than flat screens. Also, if you’re working on a project with many straight lines, a curved screen can be more of a problem than a help.

Protection against depression

This is very interesting if you spend hours in front of your lcd screen 7 inch every day for work or entertainment. Did you know that there are monitors that reduce blue tones in your images to help reduce eye strain? This technology is known as Low Blue Light or Eye Care and consists of what you have just described. This technology is already built into most monitors, but it doesn’t hurt to seek it out in your pursuit of visual correctness actively.

Additional functions

There are many other features to consider when buying lcd display 7 inch, and you can’t stop talking about them. And every screen is a world, and a good reading of all the technical specifications is almost mandatory. But as a final tip, here are a few niches features worth looking for if you can find them.

  • Touch interface
  • Adjustable height
  • Built-in USB hub
  • Built-in speaker
  • SD card slot
  • Vertical synchronization of devices (FreeSync and G-Sync)