Makeup routines are one of the favourite moments of many people who get ready in front of the mirror daily. It does not matter if you are a professional or a makeup fan. Within this area, the brushes are one of the instruments that cannot be missing and that not only facilitates but also improves the result. They come in all sizes and shape to make us work more precisely and exactly, and, like all good utensils, they must have optimal maintenance. The primary question is how to clean your makeup brush

It may be one of the most tedious parts of the makeup routine, but from time to time, it is necessary to clean it to take care of the brush, the cosmetic, and, above all, your skin.

How to clean your makeup brush?

Why do you have to clean makeup brushes?

One of the questions most often asked by people who do makeup frequently is to know how often you have to clean your makeup brushes. Although it is not very common, it must be taken into account that brushes are a tool that you pass through your face practically daily, and, despite the fact that it is advisable always to keep the face and the case clean, it can become a nest of bacteria.

Also, if product residues remain in each pass, the result you get when you apply makeup will be better than if the brush were clean. Cleaning makeup brushes, therefore, helps them to stay in good condition much longer, prevents the cosmetic product from being damaged, makes the application of the cosmetic more accurate, and, above all, protects the skin from possible infections Or irritations.

How to store makeup brushes

When talking about keeping your makeup brushes stored, the most important thing is to get a cosmetic bag or case in which they can all be aligned so that the bristles do not get tangled up. Also, they should be in a vertical position so that if there is a risk of moisture, it does not accumulate. You can design the case yourself or buy it directly to store brushes.

Try to clean all your brushes at least once a month so that they last longer, and before putting them back in their case, make sure that they are completely dry so that the bristles do not deteriorate due to humidity.

How to style afro hair

Afro hair tends to tangle. Although there is straight Afro hair, the truth is that the definitive characteristic of 4c afro hair is curly. It may be slightly wavy or completely kinky, but there will almost always be curls in natural Afro hair.

This feature makes it necessary to get two small aids: a moisturizing lotion to facilitate combing and a detangling comb, either in its version of a long and narrow comb with long spikes or in its flat version, a kind of fat but hollow plastic brush in its interior. They will also tell you how to grow an afro.

The detangling oil, which can be one of the many natural oils available, such as coconut, castor, olive, and rosemary, will be your ally to detangle and moisturize the hair before washing it. But let’s go in parts.

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