Propose Day, the second day of Valentine’s Week, gives people a chance to express their feelings and heartfelt! That’s why this day is called propose day.

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When is Propose Day celebrated?

The second day of Valentine’s week is associated with proposing day. It is celebrated every year on 8 February. This day gives you a golden opportunity to convey love messages directly from heart to heart to your partner. If you are planning to propose to your crush or partner then this day is best for you.

How is Propose Day celebrated?

It is very difficult to speak your heart. Often heart talks are done only on special occasions and what better day than Propose Day to have a good heart talk? On this day for the first time, you can put your heart in front of your crush. Apart from this, partners can also express their love in front of each other. 

It is not common to share the feeling of your heart. People wait for years for that right opportunity when they can share their feelings with their partner. Many times some people hurry to propose, while some people take too long. That’s why it is very important to propose at the right time so that you can have a good and romantic relationship with your partner.

Important points to keep in mind while proposing to your partner 

Just by talking about your heart in front of someone, it is not necessary that he will accept your proposal. While expressing your love, some special things must be kept in mind. Don’t be surprised be careful as it is a matter of the heart. 

Make a special place in your heart

First of all, love is not a game and it is not so easy to get your love just by saying “I love You” on propose day. That’s why before expressing love it is necessary to create a special place for yourself in the heart of the one you love. And that space will only be created if you are around them. Be with them in their joy and sorrow. If so, then your chances of getting a positive response on expressing your love are strong say online astrologers at Myastroguruji. 

Make your feelings known

Sometimes it also happens that you are very close to his heart but he considers you only a good friend. So in such cases, you should give some more time to your partner. But this does not mean that you should not speak your heart. Make your heart clear by expressing what you exactly feel for a person you like. Say your heartfelt in such a way that their feelings are not hurt. This may turn your possibilities of friendship turning into love after some time.

Take care of your looks

In today’s era, do not express your love with empty hands, do take some lovely gifts for your partner. Make your personality attractive and go in front of them. Keep your look enough confident that your partner likes it. For example, the clothes of their choice, the hairstyle of their choice, etc.

Choose a special place to propose

The choice of place to express love matters a lot. Choose a place where both of you feel comfortable. Where your memories are stored. Your first meeting place could be one of these. For the first time, where you have taken tea, coffee, eaten food while sitting together, and for the first time you have gone for a walk with your partner. In short, express your love at a special place that both of you like. Avoid expressing love in crowded places as far as possible. You may also choose places by following your daily horoscope in hindi predictions.

Ways of proposing

There are many people who hesitate to speak openly about love, so they can hand over their hearts to their partner by writing a beautiful greeting card. Even though the era of chatting has come, still words have their own magic. You can seek effective guidance for which one has to opt to talk to astrologer online.