When it comes to selecting a guilt-free career; Nowadays, countless career options are there to select, and finding the right path that takes you to the stair of success is a trickier task. In addition, the right career choice does not make you the king of the industry but ensures a happy & successful journey for your family. Hence, here we gathered the following effective ways & career horoscope reading tips by the best astrologer in Ahmedabad.

What is Career Astrology? 

Astrology can also play a major role in career planning by studying the various divisional charts in detail. Whether you are looking for a suitable career option or are unhappy with the current one; a career horoscope reading from a famous astrologer in India can help you find a career that will suit your personality and your needs.

How an Astrologer Read Career Horoscope?

To get a reliable career horoscope reading, you should consult Pandit Pavan Joshiji – the best astrologer in Ahmedabad, who has years of expertise in career prediction by date of birth and offers effective career problem solutions

In addition, to begin with, astrology career prediction, he will ask for your birth chart and perform in-depth studies of the position/placement of the cosmic objects that replicates the person’s personality traits and journey of life. There are 12 houses in Vedic astrology, of the twelve houses, the 5th house accident or 10th house is considered for astrology career predictions.

Moreover, he also checks for sun and moon positions during career horoscope reading. As a result, if the moon isn’t strongly placed in the birth chart, it indicates weakness of thoughts and emotions which can trigger career problems or job problems. Hence, astrologers help us to know what our destiny has stored for us, and what we can do to get complete access.

Important Considerations for Astrology Career Predictions:

Firstly, understand the planet positions & placements.

– Lookout for nakshatras.

– Find the “career line” vertical line on the palm running from the base of the finger to the wrist.

– Spot the presence of sun in a specific house, resulting in a strong impact on your career

– Discover the ruler planet of the 10th house.

– Have a look at the 10th lord of the 6th house

– Last but not least, consult the best astrologer in India.

Astrology Career Prediction from Famous Astrologer in India:

It has been proven that there are a number of ways in which astrology can make astrology career predictions, let’s take a look at one of the more common methods for making career predictions by date of birth.

Career Prediction by Date of Birth

Aries: Army, police, the medical profession, etc.

Geminis: Fashion designers, posh product-line traders, etc.

Cancers: Career-related with marine.

Leo:  manager posts or politician.

Virgos: Career related to creative thinking.

Libras: Lawyer.

Scorpios: Pharmaceutical business.

Sagittarius: Teacher, trainer etc.

Capricorns: Career-related to mining

Aquarius: Educationalist, philosopher, therapist etc.

Pisces: Sales & Marketing. 

Without further ado, get in touch with Ahmedabad’s top astrologer for a trustworthy career horoscope reading to learn more about astrology career prediction and choose a path that is right for you.