A WPS Pin: What Is It? ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ is the official name of WPS, which aids in your device’s internet connection. A WPS pin is a special eight-digit code that wirelessly connects your device to routers while enhancing security. Additionally, the WPS Pin protects your device from being hacked by unauthorised people, and you may even block them.wps pin samsung printer

How Can I Discover the Samsung Printer’s WPS Pin?

You may access the WPS PIN on the Samsung printer screen by finding the printer’s control panel and clicking the ‘Wireless’ button in the settings. Then, open the “Wi-Fi protected setup” while setting up your wireless network by adhering to the prompts on the screen. Scroll down for additional information and to learn how to utilise the WPS pin for a Samsung printer.

WPS Connection Types on a Samsung Printer

On Samsung printers, there are two types of wps pin samsung printer connections;

  • WPS Pin: Without worrying about being hacked, you may easily utilise the samsung m2070 wps pin, an 8-digit PIN, to connect your printer to the internet.

  • WPS Button: The printer can also be connected to the internet by pressing the WPS button on the router. To begin, all you need to do is press the WPS button.

The WPS Pin to Connect Your Samsung Printer

If you have the most recent Samsung printer and need to know where to find the wps pin samsung printer, you have come to the right place. Since the WPS pin is not on the printer, you must take a few steps to locate it. However, to create the WPS pin on the Samsung printer quickly, move your router or wireless network close to the Samsung printer. Follow the instructions below to connect to your Samsung printer using the WPS pin.

  • Go to the control panel after turning on your printer.

  • Press the ‘Wireless’ option under the settings now.

  • Then, to set up your wireless network, open the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” and adhere to the prompts on the screen.

  • After you have followed the instructions, a screen asking for the PIN will display. To see the WPS Pin on your screen, select the Pin option.

  • After creating the WPS pin, the utility needs to be set up for a wireless router.

  • Enter the previously generated WPS PIN into your router’s configuration software or utility.

  • Install the network printer driver once the setup process is finished. Select the’ attach a new printer’ option in the ‘Printer Setup and Software’ folder of each of your Samsung printers.

  • Utilise the WPS button to connect your Samsung printer.

  • You can also utilise the WPS button on the router to connect your printer to the internet. Bring the printer and router nearby first. Now, use the WPS button to connect your Samsung printer by following the instructions below.

  • Long-press the WPS button you can find on the router. The router’s WPS button may be on the front or back. Instead, you can click the WPS to enter the router’s configuration page and create the Wi-Fi Protected button.

  • Open your web browser to access the router setup page. After that, put “” into the search box. The setup page for the router will appear.

  • The fields for your username and password are now visible across the page. Insert “admin” as the password and leave the username blank.

  • Press the WPS button on the router once more after two minutes.

  • Finally, an automatic connection between your Samsung printer and router will be made.

Utilise the Router’s WPS Pin to Connect Your Samsung Printer

Don’t be concerned if the first two options have yet to work. The WPS pin on the router can also connect to your Samsung printer. How can I use the WPS pin on the router to link the Samsung printer? Adhere to the directions below;

  • Open your browser and navigate to the router settings page. Then, put “” into the search box. Opens the router configuration page.

  • You’ll see fields for a username and password on the router configuration screen. Fill in “admin” for both the login and password fields. Afterward, hit Enter.

  • The ‘Wireless’ choice can be found when you log in. Choose “Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)” under “Wireless”.

  • Find the WPS pin on the router’s bottom, serial number, and address. Whenever the device prompts you for it, enter this WPS PIN.

  • Lastly, adhere to all on-screen directions to correctly use the router’s WPS pin to link your printer to the internet.


We’ve outlined the steps for locating a wps pin for samsung printer m2070w. Following the instructions above, you may easily find the WPS pin and wirelessly connect your printer to the router. However, contact Samsung printer support for assistance if you cannot get your device online.