You have to size your classroom furniture correctly to keep your students comfortable. You will also keep them healthy by preventing back pain and other problems that come with uncomfortable seating. Some schools have made it a habit to purchase any cheap furniture they find on the market. They are obsessed with saving and this makes them buy furniture in bulk.

This is a bad idea. You need to evaluate every piece of furniture and ensure it meets the health guidelines. You should also evaluate the behaviours of your students to choose furniture that is customised to meet their needs. Students are likely to lose concentration when they are uncomfortable. This is the negative effect of investing in incorrectly sized pieces of furniture.

Studies show that there is a correlation between student attention span, engagement and interior design setting. Children are likely to pay attention and be open to learning if they are sitting in comfortable chairs. Some guidelines can be very useful to a wide range of school spaces.

A correlation between children’s age and furniture size

Children’s learning outcomes can be enhanced by improving the quality of furniture and space where they develop their daily activities. Learning environments can be influenced positively by choosing the right pieces of furniture at the right size.

A chair that is appropriate for a six-year-old will not be comfortable for a 12-year-old. Children grow fast and this is an important consideration when buying educational furniture. Figuring out the right table and chair heights for kids growing up quickly can be very confusing. It can be a little frustrating. The fact that both tables and chairs should be of the appropriate size is very important.

If you fail to provide the right size of chairs and tables you will cause poor posture. This may lead to a lot of undesired effects such as back pains, emotional and cognitive struggles, neck pains and struggles to focus on what is being taught.

Choosing the right chair height

School chairs come in a wide range of designs, finishes, materials and sizes. Comfort should be at the top of your priority list when choosing the right ones. Mobility is the second important thing to keep in mind. The feet should touch the floor when the children are seated. This is a general rule to keep in mind when choosing furniture.

Choosing the right table height

Tables should allow a relaxed and comfortable posture for the student. This translates into providing the knees ample space underneath. The elbows should be able to rest on the table without any problems. The main focus is to be on the chair seat height, table height and children’s age. You should keep in mind the average height range. This will ensure you choose the right-sized furniture pieces.

Alternative seating options

You should consider alternative seating options when choosing classroom furniture. Sometimes children need some movement to concentrate. This is why you should invest in ergonomic stools and other seating options to help students pay attention.