While you are using the Ricoh printer you must have observed the Ricoh printer offline issue. This ideally happens when you click on the “Print and Share” option with numerous channels of your Ricoh printer start showing “Red”. In this scenario of witnessing the “Ricoh printer offline” issue the fact is that your Ricoh printer is online but it is showing that it has gone offline. In the attempt to fix the Ricoh printer showing offline issue this quick guide is here to suggest two very simple ways to fix the same.

Disabling SNMP and requesting Ricoh status through WMI

The first option is all about disabling the SNMP and requesting the printer status details through WMI. Here is the complete process to turn the Ricoh printer into online mode from the Ricoh printer offline status.

Step 1 – Just begin by effectuating the “Go to print and share” option to facilitate the restoration of the Ricoh printer’s online status from the offline one.

Step 2 – Continue by choosing the “Change” option followed by going to the upper right corner and thereafter opening the dialog of profiles.

Step 3 – Now open the tab of General Settings normally shown under the General Configuration section.

Step 4 – Now change the system for detecting the status of your Ricoh printer by choosing the WMI option which would ensure fixing the Ricoh printer showing offline issue going ahead.

Step 5 – Finally, click on “OK” and close the dialog box in a bid to save changes done in the Settings menu which will ultimately fix the “Ricoh printer is offline” issue.

By facilitating the change of the Ricoh printer channel

Here in this specific method, Ricoh printer channel is changed to ignore the message showing Ricoh printer offline status.

Step 1 – Open the “Print and Share” option on your Ricoh printer.

Step 2 – Now in a bid to fix the “Ricoh printer is offline” issue first go to “Change” and then select the same for opening the profiles dialog.

Step 3 – After you have opened the dialog pertaining to Profiles you now have to click on Edit.

Step 4 – Continue by going to the list of channels followed by selecting the printer channel in the Profile Dialog.

Step 5 – With a view to fixing the Ricoh printer offline issue select the trigger points which are positioned just under the option of channels.

Step 6 – Now open the Channel Requirements dialog and continue by selecting the dialog of printer error levels.

Step 7 – At this stage, you need to locate the offline error and should subsequently make changes in the error level. Here you have to ensure that the level is fine-tuned to the “None” or “Warning”.

Step 8 – Also, make sure that you click on “OK” twice and close the dialog box for saving the changes.