How Vtiger CRM empowers businesses in data management

Data management is one of the most important parts of any organization. If an organization is unable to keep its client’s data secure it may lose its customer’s trust leading to a decrease in sales.

To manage the data effectively, most businesses are adopting the trend of software tools. This business management software offers a wide range of powerful features and functionalities to enable businesses to increase their workflow and boost efficiency.

Vtiger is one of the most popular and well-known CRM solutions developed by the Vtiger company. It is designed to suit the unique needs of growing industries and is further customized to fit their requirements.

In this article, we will look into the power of Vtiger CRM for managing the data effectively and enhancing the workflow.


Table of contents:

  1. The power of Vtiger and its Extensions.
  2. 5 Vtiger extensions to enhance data management.
  3. Reasons why you should opt for Vtiger to manage data.
  4. Conclusion


The power of Vtiger and its Extensions:

Vtiger CRM, As the name suggests is a customer relationship management software tool, but the scope of Vtiger doesn’t end here. It is a powerful management tool with features to generate leads, run campaigns, and manage data. Moreover, additional Vtiger extensions and third-party integrations can also be configured with the help of expert Vtiger developers to boost the overall functionality and productivity of the software. The Vtiger add-ons help create a suitable working environment for the employees by providing them with advanced management options, email marketing automation, layout and customization, and more.


5 Vtiger extensions to enhance data management:

Talking about Vtiger extensions, let’s dig into some of the most useful Vtiger plug-ins to enhance data management tasks and empower business administrators to streamline processes.

  1. Module Builder: For data management, Vtiger module builder is one of the most powerful extensions. Through this extension, developers can develop a working customized module for your business to store and manage additional data. These modules are configured with the default version and work just like the standard modules allowing its users to easily maintain their data and eradicating data redundancy.
  2. Duplicate Check and Merge: Vtiger duplicate check and merge is an extension that can be configured with Vtiger CRM allowing the admins to ensure no duplicacy of data is done. It works by checking for duplicate data in modules and then merging them to remove duplicates. It is an advancement to the built-in duplicate check and merge feature of Vtiger.
  3. Document Manager and Document Designer: Document designing is a core feature of data management. With this handy extension, users can not just design their documents but also manage them and share them with other employees for necessary actions.
  4. Custom Fields: Another Vtiger extension for data management is the Additional Custom Fields extension. The extensions are useful for storing additional information on records that can’t be stored in the default fields.
  5. Field Autofill: Field autofill is a Vtiger extension that allows business administrators to automatically fill fields in a module based on the relative field in another module. Through this extension, you can speed up data entry tasks and improve productivity.

Vtiger is a highly customizable CRM solution that can be altered to meet your needs and requirements. Adding these Vtiger extensions with your CRM lets to tailor the software and make it a personalize software for business management.


Reasons why you should opt for Vtiger to manage data:

Following are some reasons why you should opt for Vtiger as your data management tool:

  1. Data is located on a single server which can be retrieved easily at any time.
  2. You can set workflows with just a few taps to automate repetitive tasks.
  3. Data is organized in modules, thus required data is easily assessed
  4. Through vtiger reports you can create reports from your data and conduct analysis.
  5. The software uses 2 step authentication technique to keep your confidential data safe and secure from unauthorized access.



The software has taken the place of humans, This is because the software has a lesser error rate as compared to humans. CRM software has gained popularity in the past few years because they have been successful in creating an effortless working space for people by automating tasks and improving the efficiency of complex operations. Vtiger CRM allows its users to manage their data, interact with customers, and build strong relations for the betterment of their organization. If you are struggling with data management tasks and looking for reliable yet affordable software to manage your crucial data, Vtiger is just the best choice for you.