According to astrology, each day of the week has a planetary ruler. Thursday is ruled by Guru or Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system. It is also the most benevolent.

Jupiter represents prosperity, growth, optimism, expansion, humor, and happiness. If Jupiter is strong, the person will have intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, and a spiritual mindset. If it is weak, the person’s education may be affected, and they may have problems with their father and teachers. The person will face disrespect, and there may be family disputes. They will be dominated by others.

Important Facts about People Born on Thursday

 Here are the characteristics of people born on Thursday:

 People born on Thursday will dream big and aspire to great things. They are ambitious and daring. They are not scared to leave their comfort zone. They have an optimistic and positive mindset. Ups and downs don’t faze them. They face problems boldly. They can be philosophical and spiritual. They are generous and jovial. They will be able to overcome great odds. They are noble-minded and don’t harbor ill will toward anyone.

However, they are prone to self-deceit. At times, they can be egoistic and ungrateful.

 Thursday-Born’s Personality

They like big and flashy things. Their intelligence gives them good perceptive powers. They are quick to learn and have a good memory. Telling lies, cheating, and pretending are mostly alien to them. They dislike compromises. They are freedom-loving people who rarely lose their cool. They have a fantastic sense of humor. They have certain principles in life. They don’t like to harbor expectations. They are not very good at befriending people. Also, they want others to respect their intellect. They are not good at expressing gratitude. Due to their poor communication skills, enemies may cause them disrepute. They can be greedy. They find it hard to stay put in one place. They believe in tit for tat. Nobody can fool them, as they are very shrewd. They tend to dominate others. They also get bored of people quickly. 

Careers for Thursday Born People

Thursday-born people have good leadership abilities. They are respectful toward their colleagues. Others also respect and appreciate them. They make convivial hosts. They know how to balance their personal life and work. But they dislike monotonous desk jobs. They believe that variety is the spice of life. They make good entrepreneurs. Teaching, law, and CEO positions suit them. 

Thursday-born people are tenacious. They dislike office politics. Their enemies may target them by complaining to their bosses. But their lack of gratitude can deprive them of supporters when enemies attack them.

 Love and Romance for Thursday-born People

Being the fun-loving type, they attract people easily. They don’t nurse grudges and accept breakups with equanimity. They love to laugh and have fun. But all their relationships may not be successful. Their frankness may annoy their lovers at times and cause breakups. Their intelligence and wisdom can make their partners feel inferior. Their ego may also come in the way of their relationships. The best partners for them would be those who are adventurous and willing to play second fiddle to them. They need a lot of space in a relationship. Commitment does not come easily to them. They tend to have many flings. They don’t find it hard to move on if a relationship ends. 

Married life of Thursday-born People

Thursday-born natives do not get angry easily. So even if they have arguments with their spouse, it may not escalate into a serious rift. But their roving eye can make their partner jealous. They are good at financial planning. Their sense of humor will compensate them for their lack of communication skills. They like to surprise their partner with gifts. Their parenting skills are good. Generous and loving, they will ensure that their family’s needs are looked after well. 

However, daily routines may make them feel bored. Their need for change and adventure may be hard to overcome even after marriage and parenthood. They may seek transfers often or take up jobs that require them to travel often. This can upset their spouse. 

Health of Thursday-born People

The health of Thursday-born people may be robust, but they should keep their weight under control. Digestive problems are likely for them. They should practice moderation in eating and drinking. If not, they may suffer from acidity, obesity, and stomach problems. 

Wealth Prospects of Thursday-born People

Thursday-born people can enjoy adequate wealth, as Jupiter can bestow wealth and prosperity in one’s life. They will do well if they work in the finance sector. If they are doing business, they should opt for a field like retail which involves large cash turnover. Thursday-borns are optimistic and lucky in money matters. But their self-centered and critical stance may hinder their chances to make money. 

Other Facts about Thursday-born People

3 is the lucky number of Thursday-borns. They are usually tall, with clear skin. They are likely to be attractive. Their lucky colors are yellow and saffron. They will be religious-minded. Yellow sapphire is the lucky stone. Thursday-borns act cocky sometimes. They may not express their true feelings and emotions. They like to work on their own. As they have a sharp tongue, they can offend others, so it is better. Thursday-borns are not good at teamwork. They don’t show gratitude for the help they receive.

  •  Astrological Remedies for Jupiter-borns
  • Donate blankets to 3 or more people on Thursdays.
  • Feed beggars as it pleases Jupiter.
  • Wear yellow sapphire to control your ego.