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Allspice botanical name is pimenta dioica. It is indigenous to jamaica. It is an unripe dried berry. It has numerous names like myrtle pepper, pimento, jamaica pepper, and pimenta. Allspice Essential Oil is extracted from the method of steam distillation and its source is berries. It holds a middle note. The color of this essential oil is pale yellow and has a warm scent and fresh and spicy aroma. This essential oil holds plentiful advantages cures menopause issues, manages our weight, eases pain and aches, treats gas and bloating, and controls blood sugar levels. It is used in the making of cosmetic and cosmetic products. It is also utilized by tanner factories and meat industries in the food sector.

Black pepper belongs to the Piperaceae family. It is a flowering vine. It is specifically cultivated for its fruit which is called a peppercorn. As black pepper is a woody climber therefore it does reach a height of 33 ft. Its botanical name is piper nigrum. It is native to India. The Black Pepper Essential Oil is extracted from the dried berries by following the steam distillation method. The oil holds middle not colorless to pale yellow in color with a sharp, spicy scent faintly reminiscent of Clove. This essential oil is used for the formation of soap, creating perfumes and colognes, and in food industries for flavoring various dishes. The benefits we get from this oil soothe arthritis pain, cure bacterial infections, alleviate spasms, enhance digestion, diminish gas issues, and detoxify the body.

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The blood orange botanical name is Citrus sinensis. It is a flower-blooming tree with a height of 16 to 50 ft. It is indigenous to Italy. The Blood Orange Essential Oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit by the cold-pressed method. It has a middle note with a warm, fresh citrus scent that is tangy. This essential oil has deep orange to reddish-orange in color. The benefits it holds such as cures acne and skin conditions, alleviating upset stomach, reducing inflammation and pain, boosting your mood and relieving your stress, helping in weight loss, enhancing hair health, works as a bug repellent. It is used in the making of household cleaners, soap formation, creating perfumes and colognes, and works as a flavor-adding agent in several beverages and foods. Our Essential Oil Bulk Manufacturers and wholesale suppliers provide the advantages of it to every individual.