Are you an investor seeking lucrative opportunities in the vibrant world of bars and restaurants? Look no further! RYU Bar, situated at 32nd Avenue in Gurgaon, is your golden ticket to long-term, stable returns in the ever-thriving food and beverage industry.

The RYU Bar Experience

RYU Bar, nestled in the heart of Gurgaon’s bustling 32nd Avenue, is more than just a typical bar. It’s a symbol of excellence in hospitality, offering a premium experience to its patrons. As an investor, here’s why you should consider putting your money into this remarkable establishment.

Location, Location, Location

One of the most critical factors in the success of any restaurant or bar is its location. RYU Bar enjoys a prime location on NH8 in Gurgaon, ensuring a steady stream of footfall. With its strategic positioning, this property is poised to attract both locals and tourists, making it a hotspot for those seeking a memorable dining and nightlife experience.

A Ready-to-Move Project

Investing in RYU Bar couldn’t be more convenient. This project is ready to go, eliminating the uncertainty and delays often associated with new ventures. You can start generating returns on your investment right away, thanks to the property’s operational status.

Affordable Investment Starting at ₹72 Lakhs*

RYU Bar offers an attractive investment proposition with a low entry point. For as little as ₹72 lakhs*, you can secure your stake in this exciting venture. Such an accessible investment threshold allows a broader range of investors to participate and reap the benefits.

Long-Term Investment with Guaranteed Returns

Stability is a priority for any investor. RYU Bar offers a 30-year lease, assuring you of long-term returns on your investment. This extended lease period provides a sense of security and minimizes the risk associated with shorter leases. Additionally, the property comes with a 5-year guaranteed income, ensuring a steady cash flow right from the start.

Attractive Rental Income

RYU Bar isn’t just an investment; it’s a reliable source of income. With the potential to earn ₹36,000* per month through rental income, your investment can start paying off almost immediately. This steady income stream can help you meet your financial goals and secure your financial future.

Freehold Property

Investing in a freehold property means you have complete ownership and control. This offers you the flexibility to make decisions and modifications as you see fit. It’s an excellent way to ensure that your investment aligns with your vision for the property.

Operational Brand with Satisfied Customers

RYU Bar is not a startup; it’s a proven brand with a track record of serving satisfied customers. With a loyal customer base already in place, you won’t have to worry about building a reputation from scratch. You can leverage the existing goodwill and capitalize on it to maximize your returns.

Zero Maintenance and No Hidden Charges

Investing in RYU Bar is hassle-free. There are zero maintenance costs, and you won’t be burdened with unexpected charges. This means that more of your earnings go directly into your pocket.

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Investing in RYU Bar at 32nd Avenue, Gurgaon is a smart move for those looking to enter the bar and restaurant industry. With an affordable entry point, guaranteed returns, and a prime location, this opportunity is too good to pass up. Don’t miss out on the chance to invest in a stable, long-term income source.

To learn more about this exciting investment opportunity and to secure your spot at RYU Bar, contact us today. Act fast, as opportunities like these don’t stay available for long. Invest in your future with RYU Bar