Someone You Love Istikhara

You can perform istikhara to see your future husband as well. This can be done if you want clarity about which man will get married to you. You can ask Allah to guide you to the husband of your dreams so that you can see him and/or meet him. You may have a dream about him or somehow he will come into your life for example through a marriage proposal.

Allah will make the circumstances such that you will know who your future husband will be. When he does come into your life, you will just know that he is the one because you will have a clear intuitive feeling about him.

You have seen that an istikhara provides a way in which you get to ask Allah to guide you to a perfect path. You should make it a habit to include performing istikhara on a regular basis. If you do this then you will always be shown the right direction so that you can make the right decisions.

Someone You Love Istikhara

Then your life will unfold nicely and there won’t be much confusion about what course of action to follow. Keep in mind that you are relaxed when you do the istikhara so that you can easily understand the answer that Allah is trying to provide you.If you do not see clear signs even after performing istikhara then it is highly recommended that you follow your gut feeling.

There is always hope for everything and so don’t give up on anything. You will surely be shown the perfect way by Allah.

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