The first sign of the zodiac is Aries those who are born from March 21 to April 19 fall under this zodiac sign. The first zodiac sign in astrology is described in full here. For the characteristics of persons born under this sign, every piece of information regarding their lucky numbers, health, gems, colors, compatibility, family life, married life, etc. This sign, which is the first of the three fire elemental signs, has Mars as its ruling planet. Let’s find out what distinguishes those born under this zodiac sign from others by starting with those traits.

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Special qualities of Aries people

1. Positive qualities

Aries people are the owners of sharp intelligence. The natives of Aries, the first zodiac sign of Kaalpurush Kundli, try to give their 100 percent to complete any work. They don’t like to sit quietly, they want to keep doing something or the other. If they are not given any work, they become restless. These people also have a special interest in pursuing adventurous work. The influence of Mars makes these people energetic, along with this, leadership qualities are also seen in them like Mars. They are successful in creating and establishing their image as a good leader.

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The drawback of Aries Natives 

As every coin has two sides similarly, if we talk about the negative side of the people of Aries, then their impatient nature puts them in trouble many times. They are also of jealous nature, because of which people close to them can also keep their distance from them. Wasteful pride and cruel nature are also included in their negative aspects.

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Aries people get along with which zodiac signs

The compatibility of the people of the Aries zodiac is with the four zodiac signs. Out of these, two are the zodiac signs of the fire element, the first is Leo and the second is Sagittarius. Along with this, their thoughts also match with the people of Gemini and Aquarius. So one should carefully make decisions before going into a relationship.

Marital and family life

Aries people want their partner to be active and attractive all the time. Such people want absolute certainty in love. That’s why the people of the Aries zodiac are successful in love. Apart from this, such people are very idealistic about their life partner. These folks have a respectable place in society.

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How is the health of the Aries zodiac? 

Due to the sharpness of Mars, the people of this zodiac do not easily face any major health-related problems. Even if their health deteriorates, it also improves rapidly. Although the consumption of drugs is very harmful to them, even coffee or excessive sugar can bring ups and downs in their health. Many times, due to their wrong decisions, these people also come under mental stress, due to which their health may deteriorate. So you are advised to take care of your health and resist consuming any hazardous substance.

Interested areas 

Aries people are interested in such areas which do not require much effort but have good income. These people are more involved in lottery betting. Apart from this, these individuals also show their talent through arts like acting and dance. They are more towards easily following things.

Lucky Numbers, Gemstones, and Colors for Aries

9, 18, 27, 45, and 63 are lucky numbers for Aries people. Coral, Ruby gems are considered lucky for the people of this zodiac. Talking about auspicious colors, red color is considered the most auspicious for them.

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