Real estate is becoming the largest industry in the world in terms of market capitalization. Businesses are looking for ways to strengthen their online presence and be available to customers at every convenience. And most companies are introducing mobile applications to promote themselves and hit the consumers’ minds.

Creating a real estate app is not that difficult for developers if they understand the market very well and are experts in their job. But it is the job of the real estate company to provide the list of features that they need. But how to know what features a real estate app should have compulsory?

Well, there is a list of must-have features that you can add to a real estate app.

Categories And Filters

In the real estate app, the users have to be able to find what they want in a few clicks. So it is good that you organize the content so that the navigation becomes easier for the user experience and cast your mobile app in a more favorable light.

You can add categories and implement filters to narrow down the search of the customers. it will also help the users to easily and quickly get the desired results of their searches and save their time by not scrolling through the whole application. Many agencies are looking for ways to build an app like Zillow because it has almost everything that the app should have. But it is good that you add additional features to make your app more vibrant.


Filters and categories are the best features to add to your app, but there is no point if you have to do it over and over again. It will be a waste of time if you have to do it again and again when returning to the app. Real estate search demand a lot more consideration from the buyers and that is why it is good if you add a shortlisting feature. It helps the customers to pick their top choices and overlook them in the future. Businesses can also get help from this feature to track the leads down the sale funnel and to provide timely assistance where it is necessary.


A real estate app without maps is considered useless. It is one of the three most important must-have features for a reason. Maps help the clients to find the properties they are interested in and show the neighborhood and facilities around the property. All of these are important for the decision-making process.

Cost Calculator

The property cost calculation is not a back-of-envelope calculation. The clients want to know what will the deposit, taxes, possible payment plans, interest rates, and other things for different properties. And for a human sometimes it gets overwhelming and they frustrate too quickly. It will be a good idea if your app has a property cost calculator, that will benefit the user to calculate the amount of each property without any problem.

Virtual Tours

Users love technology and new advancement. They go crazy over cool stuff. And you can make your cool with the latest advancement in technology. The virtual tour will help the users to walk across the property and enhance their experience of the users. If you want to give your users a good quality impression of your services. If you can provide a high-tech and comprehensive experience to your audience, they will feel more privileged with your business.


So, these are some of the must-have features in a real estate app that will help the users and the business to ensure that they are on the right track.