Notary public is a legal employee authorized by the official authorities to witness the signature of people and verify their identity while giving a declaration, affidavit or any notarization service.

In conclusion, notarization services are an important part of many legal and financial transactions. Some people need to make a power of attorney to authorize another person to act on its behalf, so they need to sign the power of attorney before a notary public. Some of them need to make a declaration to submit it to an embassy or to immigration, so they should sign it before a legal authority or a notary authorized by authorities. For example if you want to make a will, the notary should verify the identity of the testator and authenticate his signature so the will shall be valid after the testator death.  Notaries public are trained and licensed professionals who are authorized to witness the signing of legal documents and administer oaths and affirmations. Notaries provide valuable services by verifying the identities of the parties involved, witnessing their signatures, and affixing their own signature and seal to the documents. This helps ensure that the parties are who they say they are, and that they are signing the document voluntarily and without coercion. if the person who wants to make a declaration or a power of attorney does not speak the language of the country in which he is making the power of attorney or the documents then he should get legal translation of his language to the language of the country in which he lives and stamp it by a legal translator or a translation agency approved by the authorities so that such person can sign this type of document in front of the notary public then he can use it officially.

Notary public Abu Dhabi authenticates powers of attorney, memorandums of association, local service agreements, declarations last wills and testaments, etc..