In today’s world, making your kids aware of coding has become essential. As a parent, you must teach your kid about coding. One can get many Online coding games for kids,as learning can be fun.

If your kid is better at learning, they can quickly grasp coding language to make a better career in the future. Your kid can understand better when they enjoy what they are learning, and if you want to make their coding journey exciting, then games play an essential role.

Coding games can also sharpen your kid’skid’s brain as if they enjoy learning. Several games will help to make coding exciting. Your kid can also create their game if they enjoy playing these games. Here are some online coding games for kids that can make coding fun.

Online Coding Games For Kids

Maze Game

A maze game can be exciting as it is one of the oldest games designed with several levels. One can start from easy to challenging levels in this, and you must use your mind to win the game.

This is one of the essential Online Coding Games for kids as they can create their own Maze game using Scratch, where the attribute has to reach its final station without losing the game.

If your kid wants to create a game, they need to learn the basics of coding to start experimenting with new things.

Rock Paper Scissor

We all played Rock Paper Scissors games at home or school in our childhood, as it’s a classic game. Rock paper scissor is a two-player game where one has to choose between rock, paper, or scissors.

One can play this game multiple times until one wins the game. One can create this game using Scratch, where the opponent can be a computer.

This game includes a lot of logical conditions that can be challenging for younger kids to understand. If one is thinking of creating this game, they can take the help of python or MIT Inventor as it can make the work easy.

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Pacman Game

Pacman is one of the most classic games that can be interesting for your kids to create. In this game, one must eat the dots if one wants to reach another level.

One can create Pacman Game by using Scratch. Before starting this game, your kid can better understand block coding. One can also try google doodle Pacman if one wants to understand this game.

Pong Game

To create Pong Game, one needs to learn the basics of coding. Pong Game is created by using Scratch coding and MIT App Inventor. Pong Game is a two-player game where they need to hit the ball to score a point in their favour. In this game, whichever player scores more points wins the game.

You can create this game using two players or a single player where the opponent will be the computer. This game can also be fun for kids as it helps to sharpen your kid’s mind.

Flappy Bird Game

As a parent, if you want to test your kid’s skill, you need to introduce them to the flappy bird as it’s one of the most addictive games. This game is designed for one player, where the player has to steer the bird with the help of a pipe without hurting them.

As you precise levels one by one, it becomes more problematic as it brings many obstacles in this game. If your child is a teenager, they can use python to create this game. One must use advanced Scratch concepts like screen scrolling to create this game.

Hangman Game

Hangman Game is one of the best Online Coding games for kids as it’sit’s a word-guessing game where the player has to guess the word by mentioned letters.

If the selected letter doesn’t match the word, then the computer draws a part of Hangman. Within time, the player needs to guess the work correctly so that the computer can’t draw a hangman.

If the player guesses the word correctly, they will win the game. If one wants to create this game, one can take the help of python as it includes a lot of logical operations. Along with that, there are a lot of games that your kids can create.


If your kid is interested in coding, then as a parent, you should introduce them to these coding games. Online Coding games for kids can help them increase their skills to make a bright future. Today, coding has become very important so that no one lack behind in showing their skills.

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