Experiential learning is a teaching practice that is based on the understanding that learning can be enhanced through direct involvement and sensory exploration. It allows the students to engage themselves with new ideas and new concepts in such a way that is rememberable and meaningful encouraging a depth understanding of the material. Vayulearn is an online platform that specializes in experiential learning programs for kids.

In this blog post we will examine the benefits of experiential learning programs and how Vayulearn is evolving the way kids learn.

What is experiential learning?

Experiential learning is a teaching program that believes in direct involvement to help the learners in gaining knowledge, skills, and attitudes. It can be defined as a process by which students can make sense by directly experiencing reflection, critical analysis and application.

It is a way through which students get connected with what they have previously learned and acquired through active participation.

Experiential learning project can take different forms such as field trips, projects, simulation, lab work, role playing and games. The key element of experiential learning is that the learner is actively involved in the process of learning. This kind of experiential learning project involves critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and incorporation.

Online experiential learning programs for kids

With the rise of technology we have seen a growth in online learning programs as well experiential learning program. Online experiential learning project for kids offers a virtual environment and an online community for kids who are ready to learn and grow beyond traditional learning settings. There are several online expressions learning programs that are available online and they differ in style, method and outcome. They include virtual field trips, gamification digital simulation and online incorporative projects.

Vayulearn is an online platform which involves experiential learning program specially for kids. Its programs are designed in such a way that promotes critical thinking, problem solving, skill developing, leadership and teamwork. Vayulearn’s main approach is child centered and aims to boost children’s curiosity and creativity while building their confidence and independence. It’s programs are designed to involve a child’s attention and instill a growth of mind-set.

Benefits of online experiential learning for kids

Online experiential learning program for kids have a number of benefits that makes it an excellent choice fir parents who wants to allow a child a unique and impactful learning experience. Here are some of its benefits:
Flexibility: online experiential learning program allows flexibility as the children can learn at their own comfort. This means that even the kids living in remote areas can access high-quality education without leaving their community. Also kids who are having busy schedules of conflicting schedules can still participate in online learning programs.

Active participation: experiential learning is actively and directly involved and online learning programs are also not out of it. This approach involves critical thinking, problem solving skills and curiosity in kids.

Protected ensuring: online experiential learning programs provide a safe and controlled environment as compared to traditional learning settings. Kids are not prone to risks or accidents which might have occurred due to field trips or in-person experimentation. Parents can sit back assured about the fact that their child are in a protected and healthy learning environment.

Customized learning: online experiential learning program offers personalized learning which fulfils to each child’s needs, strength, and interests.

Access to quality education: online experiential learning provides access to high-quality education that us accessible to all kids. Kids get to learn from professional educators who have experience I different fields and topics.

Hands on experience: With the experiential kit children will be directly involved in building and developing their robots, which will solidify their concepts of AI.

Practical application: By getting an opportunity to build their own AI agents, kids will attain practical knowledge in applying the concepts of AI in real-life scenarios.

Personalization: The experiential kit allows kid to modify their own AI as per their choice and preferences which in turn would improve their creativity and problem solving skills.

Cooperation: This program requires teamwork and cooperation which in turn would develop the social skills and improve their communication skills.


Online experiential learning program for kids provides a unique and impactful learning experience that promotes critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and builds confidence in children. With Vayulearn’s experiential learning program, kids get to learn how to face problem solving activities of real world and development of essential skills which will help them in becoming better leaders, problem solvers and incorporators. So why not give your kids the gift of experiential learning today!